I'm here to type words and creep on projects

Since there’s an introduction board I might as well make an introduction post.

I’ve been posting fat furry arts under the handle “Psyko” for several years. Recently I started working on a WG themed turn based tactical RPG in GameMaker, which is still in the pre-alpha stage.

Sometimes I like to test games until they break and tell me their secrets…

If you find your project at a point that it can be released or discussed in further detail, please let me know and I’ll set up a project board for you here if you’d like.

And I think I can speak for the other developers here when I say game testers are always welcome.

Oh certainly. This guy is an expert at breaking Tainted Elysium. lol!

(Although Elysium is kind of a brick house laid on a plywood foundation.)

Welcome to the forum friend. I’m sure plenty will value your expert bug snatching abilities.