Im looking for a game...

I barely remember this game at all but as soon as i remembered it i went looking for it had no luck and came here… All i remember about it is that i think it was called dream? and you roamed around you could find statues and mirrors that would change your play through and you could become immobile and you had the choice of going into another virtual life or going around in this mecha thing… And it was a text adventure?

Not sure but it sounds like it may have been a game I think that was called boundless (not the one on steam) mainly the 4C mod for it more than likley.

Unfortunately the dev, if I remember, tore the game down and is no longer available to my knowledge.

Well the modded version is still available actually. Let me find it…
Here it is. Just hit yes to confirm you’re over 18 to continue.

Yes that is it thanks for the help.

No problem, just glad that somebody else is a fan of Leupai’s work honestly.

does the modded form ever update or is it dead too?

4 chins has been officially canceled, as seen at Age Check.

I’m excited that I’ve discovered a github on that page for the game, but It’s not likely for anyone to develop anything more for this game.

Actually Leupai themselves changed the terms of use of the game to disallow that, so… Unless we find some legal grey area or are willing to face the risk of a DMCA, we can’t mod it anymore.