I'm pissed angry but I'm not letting this idea go to waste

hey I was working on an rpg maker game when my house shut down entirely deleting everything and in my haste of trying to fix it I deleted some of the biggest map files holding a lot of events and all of my common events are gone, but I’m not letting this idea and work go to waist I’ll leave it here for some one else to pick up.

it was going to be an rpg where the character you were feeding was the main damage dealer in the party having to balanced how filling the food was for her with what each character was going to feed her.

she would attack automatically and damage was based on how full she was she would at max level.

belly stats would work like this

use of variables for the belly
var1 would be belly level
var2 would be bellyMax

empty var1 <= 29% of var2
stats would equal what she would be at level 5

full var1 >=30% of var2 && var1 <= 49% of var2
stats = 20% of levels stats

stuffed you get the idea

stats = 40%

stats = 41%
mp & hp gain 15% per turn.
stats = 44%
mp & hp gain 20% per turn.
about to pop
stats = 120%
hp loss 10% per turn.

she would be the only one able to lower her own belly state

the rpg would work around feeding her at the proper point and time to get the best damage output

the only other characters you could control would be two other characters where they would have differing types of food to feed her one healthy the other unhealthy

healthy gives defense and mana buffs

unhealthy gives attack and health debuffs

both of their skills are based off of dnd like magic use and feeding requires items

the main point would be that the girl was the only one capable of hurting the stories main enemies but FORGET ALL THAT NOW.

if anyone wants to use this idea be my guest

I may try again but this will require me to do a complete restart and I am too angary and annoyed for that now, I was 20% done with the first part and was almost ready to give it out. so its time to clear all of the files nd just do something else have a nice weekend everyone happy Friday…


Jesus, I’d be infuriated if I lost all of my work on my project as well, my condolences!

Really like this team based mechanic you’ve got going though, works really thematically with weight gain too!

Now that’s a interesting concept. I’m sorry to hear about the setback, this would be a great game mechanic though, just constantly stuffing another character is a pretty interesting idea for a rpg fighting game.

Damn dude, I wish you good luck on your new project. As someone once said, if it’s not saved on 3 different places, it’s not saved at all.

That sounds really rough,but I hope your designing goes smoothly from here on out.