I'm sorta stumped on titles but I'll go with this one

So… figure I may as well make the step and actually create an account. I’m not a terribly active person on the sites and servers I’m usually on… >3>;;

But yeah! Some may know me from the few servers I’m on. I’m InfiniteFluffDerg, or Jesse. While I’m mainly a furry, I do enjoy human fats as well. I do art (decently), writing (pretty well), and some coding (ah ha ha ha, not really). I’ve lurked on the forum off and on for the last couple years since I heard about the first Gain Jam, though mostly for the content I’d say. Like I said, not a terribly active person.

ANYHOO, after seeing some pretty awesome games out there, I’ve finally sunk enough time into a project that I THINK I might actually be able to call it something I can release in the future. I don’t know for sure yet. I’m hoping to get to my first actual alpha test of the first teeny chunk of my game in the next couple weeks?? It’s an RPG Maker project - so yeah, not super impressive - but I think it’ll be a bit interesting.

However, I’m only going to actually push it out and advertise it if I actually GET to that point since I’ve already suffocated at least three other projects before I even got to this point. And I’d say that’s at minimum a month? We’ll see!


Welcome, and good luck with your project!

Great interest

Welcome! Always nice to have another user join our little community. Best of luck on your game!