I'm wondering about "lazy" characters

I’m making this topic for fun. uh
Like the title already say: I’m thinking about characters from games that they are too “lazy” to move. I mean, they are always using many ways for moving, except their own legs.

I thought this kind of characters are very fitting for games about weight gain, especially if the character is going to be SO fat in the game.

So, I want to see a good examples of this kind of character in main games. The only one that pop up in my mind when I’m think about it is Bowser Jr., because in these times, I always see him riding his clown car every time. And when I say every time, I mean every time. Also, he gave me the idea of character with “laziness”.

Note: When I say “lazy”, it doesn’t mean actual laziness, I mean they always use their signature vehicles-something.

I wanna see yo thoughts!