Imma introduce my self

Hello fellow degenerates, I exist. I am a Kitsune artist (kinda) and I’m new to digital art. I stumbled upon this site one day and now I have an account. I’m new to game creating and digital art (as stated before) and I’d appreicate if anyone could help me get good with digital art or game development. I’m also learning how to use Ren’Py.


Welcome aboard! If you ever want to learn a program like Ren’Py, Youtube tutorials are pretty good! I learned Twine 2.0 by Youtube and online forums.

Thanks. Also, hope you finish your games even though i’ll personally pass on them.

Hi, pleasure to have you around! I also have been toying with the RenPy SDK and I found the tutorial provided when you download it to be super helpful! If you ever get stuck on something, there’s people here who I’m sure would be able to help answer a question you may have with it, plus google is a trust friend in that regard too :joy:

Nice a new person to the site and I hope to play one of your games.

Welcome! Hopefully you will find the site very helpful in your learning endeavors and I wish you the best of luck with learning Renpy!