[Implemented] Body Shapes

Perhaps, at the creation screen and through various methods and item consumption when the game is more thoroughly developed, we could have different body shapes? Bottom heavy, top apple, hourglass, etc. etc.

I just think it’d be nice. Plus, this would sort of go into the whole thing about a PC’s weight affecting the world around them. If they’re belly heavy and not very wide, they might not get stuck. But if they’re wide and bottom heavy, they might get stuck or something to that effect.

+1000000 upvotes to this. Triple that if it’s a quality we can pick at CharGen. ;D

Gonna agree with Fire on this. That’d be really cool.

I am in agreement

I’m OK with adding this. There’s two ways I can do it:

  1. Have preset body types (apple, pear, hourglass) at character creation and any dialog that references your weight will be different depending on which shape you are.

  2. Make each individual body part have its own level of fatness (breasts, butt, thighs, belly). Unless I do a lot of math to determine like, what each body part would be as a percentage of your total body fat, there’s going to likely be discrepancies between your “overall” level of fatness (ex: “you are an obese human female”) versus individual body part’s fatness (“you have thin thighs”). Thus the dialog will seem more mechanical.

I’m not great with math so if I go route 2 I might need some assistance lol, though if I go route 1 it’s just going to be like three times more dialog will need to be generated for every outfit and event that references weight. Which I don’t really have a problem with if it makes the dialog more authentic than going with route 2.

I personally like option 2 because I love pouring as much fat as possible straight to the belly. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is the entirety of my argument for its case and I am okay with that.

That said, if option 1 makes for a better game overall, I’m sure I’ll live.

I love the idea, especially if there’s more detail about more various parts of the body. Face, back, arms, tail (if applicable), etc. etc. That’s a particular interest of mine, but either way, I vote for option 2.

I’ve added levels of fatness for 6 different body parts (Face, Breasts, Belly, Butt, Arms, Legs). Adding 1 point to any of these body parts corresponds to +1 BMI. So any events that have conditionals based on how fat you were will now have conditionals based on how fat your individual body parts are. If you have Belly +5 and your BMI is 35, it’ll be as if your belly’s BMI is 40. So the dialog based around your belly will be ahead of the other body parts in terms of how fat it appears. It’s a little unrealistic cuz it allows you to be like 108 pounds but have a belly that weighs like 300 pounds, but I figured that’s what a lot of people want anyways lol. If you want it more realistic, on character creation leave all the body parts at 0 and the dialog will appear more balanced. Oh and existing characters will have balanced body parts as well, I didn’t wanna delete everyone’s character since there were some people with max level and that’s… quite a lot of clicking that I’d feel bad about erasing.