[Implemented] Make "Characters" option more visible

Sadly, I’m one of the victims that had waited for several months just to find out that there was a small character creation option to the top left corner of my screen. I suggest that it should be made more visible either by making it larger or placing it at the top of the page.

I’m kind of confused as to how it’s hard to see unless maybe you’re seeing something different from what I am? Perhaps you can show me a screenshot and explain what you mean. Either way I see how it could be confusing as the link is just “Characters” when most people would be looking for something like “Play Now” or “Download”.

It’s quite small and obscure especially for those who don’t go into too much detail when it comes to what’s on their screen. What I saw on the screen before I knew the “characters” option existed was the development blog at the center with the cat pic, home to the top left corner – oblivious towards the “characters” option – and my name to the top right corner as well as the settings and logout options.

Ahh I understand. It’s not distinct enough as a menu choice and blends in with the Home link. I’ll figure something out, perhaps a dropshadow or a box around which link is selected (similar to how the links at the top of this forum work, like “Home”, “Help”, “Search”, with the box around them and spacing making it easier to separate the links from each other).