[Implemented] UI Sizing

So what i’ve found is that there’s a lot of empty space in the UI’s sections. I’m sure some of it is preserved for future features but it all adds up to be a bit too large. That is it doesn’t all fit in my browser at once, even full-screen and I like to think my screen is a pretty decent size.

This leaves me with two options. First, I zoom out so everything fits. Not a good option since the text gets so small I strain my eyes reading. Second, I just reposition the UI once it loads to fit the most important sections in. This is also a problem because with most commands the page resets position so I have to adjust it all over again.

I would really like to see the UI adjusted to better fit smaller screens.

I’ll see what I can do.

I’ve removed a lot of redundant whitespace and the entire “World” module since it served no purpose. There shouldn’t be any scrolling now provided you aren’t using 1024x768 or 800x600 resolutions. I got too lazy to accommodate those resolutions so I guess buy a new monitor is the fix if you’re running one of those.

It looks much better and is far more accessible. Thank you.