💜 Insatiable Hearts [v0.1.1I] - A monsterfucker+Weight gain Twine Game

No, I don’t plan on immobility being game over. Currently its just a cosmetic thing as the feature isn’t complete yet, so if you do reach the weight limit you get some effects and messages but thats about it, you’re still able to play normally

When I get the content written for it, immobility will have its own scenes and new events to play on it, most will be a way to remove weight, increase weight limits or the such, but some will be like, being helpless to encounters and other things. It’d lock the player out of most things that require mobility obviously, so it’ll need its own set of things to do or paths to take. But until then it’s mostly just a surface layer fun flavor thing


Cool im glad to hear and glad to hear how well thought you have it


The content I’m waiting patiently for. Can’t wait to see it.


this happens every time you order a drink from maeve


Ah sorry about that one. Its fixed in the version I’m working on right now. You’re not missing much thankfully, It’s just a quick blurb from Maeve saying a variety of little random lines like, “Here we are, drink up!” or “Bottoms up luv.” etc

I forgot a " inside the array so it got bungled. The drink text and effects should be fine, the text will just styled in Maeve’s speech text for now lol

Thanks for the report!


Wow this is a great update, I really like what you did with the lactation system. Before this it felt almost impossible to keep a character lactating for any length of time without parking them forever in the junkyard. Still a little buggy though, I’ve noticed that output is a little random as a MM-cups 600lbs cow girl at 20lbs capacity somehow creates between one to two bottles a go. While a 180lb human with D-cups and 10oz capacity creates 1-6 bottles. Other times my character is randomly unable to self suckle. Even when I’ve pushed their breast size to well above N-cup. On some occasions the game even will tell me the character can’t yet I get this.

Your breasts have a capacity of 23.77 ounces and currently contain 24.66 ounces of fluid

They are feeling heavy and very full, sloshing and sagging. Drops of fluid bead along your nipples. Your poor glands are starting to ache, begging you to milk them.

What would you like to do?

You can squeeze out some milk with your hands. You have enough milk you could probably fill up a bottle if you wanted. Unfortunately your breasts aren’t big enough for you to reach them to your lips. Can’t drink from yourself yet.
Express milk
Bottle your milk

I have also spotted a few bugs/typos for instance drink self should be two words and when I agree to go to Siphona’s place this happens:

You gather yourself and let Siphona know you’re ready, to “Get familiar”.

Her sharp toothed smile spreads wide as she rolls out of the bed and bounces in front of you, rolling her hips sensually. She slides up between your knees as you sit at the edge of the bed, placing a large claw against your belly.

“Good! I’m hungry for a fresh body. hehe. Now lay back, let me see what I’m working with.”, She purrs.

She presses against you, letting you fall back into her plush bedding as she gets busy between your legs. She runs her claws down your curves and over your waist, coming to unbutton your bottoms and pull them lower. She gives you a devious grin as she shucks your bottoms down and off your legs, leaving you with only your underwear shielding your modesty. Before you can play along she holds you down, her claws squishing around your middle as she begins to tease down your underwear.

“You don’t mind if I peak babe?”, she says as her talons twist your undergarments to their limits. You only manage a noise of encouragement before she tears them down, slipping them off your legs with a deft wiggle, revealing you to her. Her good eye gleams bright as her fangs grace her pleased grin.


BTW peak should be peek. I think can drop the comma after ‘ready’ and place it after ‘to’. Also I don’t know is this helps but I was playing as a cis female made through custom start when I got this message. I have not tested male/trans/NB intersexed or female preset, yet. Another bug I’ve noticed happens in the glade event in the meadows. The priestess doesn’t also seem to consistently notice my character’s weight, belly size, and cup size . E.I sometimes the priestess will complement my 200lbs character empty stomach. While she ignores my 2000lbs cow girl whose pregnant with twenty slimes tummy and about to pop. Lastly, I got this message as well when I selected ‘feed it’ during the leech event.

A huge leech
Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause (#2): missing ) after argument list

Ayways I hope all this helps, and thank you for all your hard work this an awesome game. Also out of curiosity, in the future will it be possible to become friends with the queen of the feasts instead of stealing from them. She seems like she has the potential to a great feedee/feeder. On similar note any chance we could one day feed kip with our character’s udders or grease-kin feeder arms.

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Update v0.1.1I is now live for supporters!

here’s the meat of the update: The update is going to bring a host of new interactions to the Meadow region with the Melapoid hive, a new transformation set, a new event to the ruins, a couple new items, fixes, new helpful debugging tools and more ~

Change-log below

Version [0.1.1I] - (10/31/22)


  • Added a new debugging tool to the page footer while in debug mode. Pressing the “player variables” will open a page that auto-generates a list of all of the player’s variables and their given values.

  • Added a new debugging tool to the page footer while in debug mode. Pressing the “Passage Raw Text” link will open a page that displays the passage in unformated plain text including the code blocks and other bits

  • Added a new debugging tool to the page footer while in debug mode. Pressing the “passage list” link will generate a table of links to every story passage in the game allowing for easier scene testing. This will likely break progression or flags, so use cautiously

  • The front page now displays random game lore, Character details, meta facts, trivia and memes under the ‘Daily Blurb’ section. A silly and simple addition

  • Added a new bundle of encounters to the Meadow region,The Melapoid Hive
    ➤ it includes a couple new insectoid characters to interact with.
    ➤ The hive can be snuck into to steal honey.
    ➤ Heavy players can accidentally break the floor and fall into the honey pit.
    ➤ The Queen’s chamber can be snuck into to steal royal jelly.
    ➤ The Queen’s chrysalis can be examined for growth and fed various liquids though the feeding tube. While the queen’s hatching isn’t implemented yet, items fed to her will influence her eventual appearance ~
    ➤ The player can be captured and injected with bloat venom
    ➤ on occasion the hive entrance can be found blocked by a honey swollen Melapoid who can be teased or helped.

  • Added a new status effect, “bloated”, causes temporary water/weight retention and discomfort messages. It’ll subside on its own but BitterBean-Tea, Vermifuge Syringe and Antifat-philter can remove the status

  • Added a new item “Honey”, a simple food item

  • Added a new item “Grease”. Can’t be eaten unless cursed or sufficiently gluttonous enough. Causes bloating effect

  • Added a new transformation set, Melapoid. This is an insectoid transformation, similar to bees or honeypot ants.

  • Added a new item “Royal Jelly”, causes melapoid transformations

  • Added a new event to the ruins, when one steals the mysterious meat from the mine site there’s a chance to be caught leading to the new event. As punishment the player will be made to work the mine or eat the meat-slag for the miners’ amusement.

  • Added a couple short dialog options to Baronet Laurent, he can now be asked about the state of the world, his species, the melapoid race, the sheewog race, the alp race, and the milk monastery in the meadow, given the player character has met/learned of these things prior

  • Eye transformations are now properly reflected in the character description

x Fixed an error that would trigger when using the enter key to input a line of code in the debug text box instead of using the enter button
x Fixed some mutagens not being removed under some conditions
x Fixed the cow maiden in the flower grove commenting on the players breasts even when the player doesn’t have breasts
x Fixed an error with Maeve’s serving dialog. Again.
x Fixed an error that prevented one from feeding the leech in the depths event
x Fixed an error that caused the player’s variables to become corrupted when consuming the bucket of offal item
x Fixed size change messages sometimes only playing once
x Fixed the debug item menu not actually removing items from the inventory when “remove” is selected on a given item
x Fixed an error that would cause the player to be unable to drink milk from their own lactating breasts even when the breasts were large enough
x Fixed several capacity checks using the wrong value to determine maximum stomach stretch. The amount of stretch mark level that can be gain at one time has been capped to 5%

~ Multiple items now have a small chance to trigger the “bloated” status effect, notably mystery-meat and beast blubber. But some others also have a very small chance.
~ Status effect now display their time limit with with rounded numbers so we don’t have absurd trailing numbers any more
~ The airship event has been removed since its subsequent content hadn’t been implemented yet in order to reduce confusion
~ Luck now displays in the Lucidity hover tip
~ Starting stomach capacity has been lowered to more realistic levels, however gluttony now factors into stomach capacity as well as overall body mass.
~ Stretchmarks have been adjusted to include the scale of the weight gain in addition to the gain over time factor
~ The milking and lactation scenes should all use the relevant “milk type” rather than defaulting to “milk”
~ Blob, slime and berry TFs can now change the player’s lactation type to grease, slime or juice respectively
~ Breast milk types has been implemented and are now reflected in the milking scenes. If the player lactates honey, they’ll produce bottles of honey, if slime/juice/etc it’ll be reflected in the item received.
~ Transformation items have had their potency increased but have reduced how long they take effect
~ Alp fruit now has a 20% change to trigger a mutation event


Question regarding mutations - are there any checks/mutations you need before you can get an udder? And, is there any way t’get a honeypot-esque abodmen?

Apparently, when you milk yourself and bottle the milk, this error occur:

Error 1

"finally with your breast drained and refreshed, You clean yourself up and look over your fresh dairy.
Error: <>: bad evaluation: unexpected token: string literal

<<set _item "milk">>

Acquired 1 bottle of milk"

Another here, after dealing with the Feast Queen. The curse doesn’t fill you:

Error 2

Error: <>: bad evaluation: can’t assign to property “cuurent” on NaN: not an object

<<set $player.vitality.cuurent -= RNG(40,70), $player.fat.current += RNG(1,3), $player.fullness.current to $player.fullness.max*1.8, $player.calories.current+=$player.fullness.current*RNG(10,100)>>
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