💜 Insatiable Hearts [v0.1.3D] - A monsterfucker+Weight gain Twine Game

Hey folks, got a new update out on patreon for supporters ~

what you’ll find in this update is a handful of adjustments, a new strength system, an expansion to the astral sea (more things to do while swimming), plus setup for a new character out there. There’s several new pieces of background art, a new “take kip on a walk” feature that changes according to her weight and some new content for the Meat-monger in the mire’s depths. (For character’s that are glut cursed or sufficiently heavy, when leaving the meat-monger’s camp he will sometimes try to capture the player. There in you can enjoy some new scenes and a bad end for those that want to push for it ~)

Thank you all so much for your support! This one got a little cut off because I have to drive out of state this week, but I’ll be patching in some of the missing content when I can. For now, enjoy!

Changelog version 0.1.3D


Version 0.1.3D - (07/10/2024)


  • Added some “dialog” to the Meat-monger where the player can ask a few questions and get fittingly unsatisfactory responses

  • Added a new sequence where if a player is sufficiently fat enough or has the glut curse they will attract the Meat-Monger’s attention. If the player falls for his trap they will become a temporary captive in his bunk. A new feeding and sex scene can be enjoyed, and there is a potential bad end for overly gluttonous players. Additionally his bunker is easily escaped and explored revealing the source of his wares.

  • After meeting laurent for the first time in the swamp his traveling litter can now be found wondering the meadow, shore and caldera regions

  • The astral sea now acts more like its own area with scenes and events that occur while swimming. Player’s will gradually become tired while swimming however and will need to return to shore to rest

  • The player can now drink from the astral sea, occasionally resulting in beneficial or harmful effects

  • Nico can occasionally be found fishing while the player is swimming off the shore. Just as when he is found on the shore the player can join him in his fishing.

  • The astral sea now has a new background when the player is swimming in it

  • Added a strength stat, this is affected by fitness but will be affected by other factors later. This modifies mobility limits and is used in some of the existing fitness checks

  • When the player has 0 calories they will slowly lose a tiny amount of fat according to the players metabolism and BMR. This is most noticeable when doing physical activity, like swimming

  • Added a new encounter to the shore, a strength check and building event with weights

  • The fitness tool tip now displays strength level, activity level, recovery rate and other data

  • Kip can now be taken on walks. These walks can be causal to build hearts or can be more exercise oriented to help her loose weight if so desired. Immobile sized kip can be carried by a play with sufficent strength or with dream-weaving abilities

  • Added a few new backgrounds, including swimming in the astral sea, Nico’s house, the inside of Laurent’s Litter and the cave system behind Lexi’s grotto. There’s a few additional ones as well for areas not in the game just yet like Verallia Gaetani’s palace, the inner sanctuary of the Monastery of Melmatria and the northern coast

  • Added a new encounter to the astral sea. While swimming the player can come across a small mysterious island. There will be a few simple objects to interact with. This is largely setup for a new character I ran short on time to add.

  • Nico can be asked two more topics, about his family and about the astral sea. Both answers change depending on relationship level like all of his previous dialog


~ Verallia’s tent event is now easier to find when invited

~ Adjusted a few things around the Sheewóg species. The plural form is now Sheewógen, diminutive is wógen and their young are called Wóggles. Wógnip is now Wógen-weed, etc

~ Meeting kip and acquiring the quick travel option to find her camp now reduces the chance of finding her camp while exploring, leaving more room for other encounters

~ Fitness now affects vitality recovery speed

~ Limb mutations now affect overall strength. Melapoid arms and legs giving the heighest strength bonus, while oojinn are the weakest

~ if the player hasn’t rested in the last 18 in game hours their vitality will begin to drain slowly

~ Vitality regeneration now scales inversely with activity level

~ Very strong players can now escape Blair’s encounter without nico’s assistance

~ The grease lake now has a minor ambient fattening affect when stuck in it


x Verallia’s tent event will no longer appear once the player has been invited to the palace, preventing a repeat of the same scenario

x Fixed the player’s height rounding up instead of down in the character description panel


Most of the TFs aren’t implemented yet

The current sets are Nepharsi, Geckling, Melapoid, Cow liminal, Dog liminal, Rat liminal, Pig liminal, Grease Kindred and Oojinn and the combinations there in

Gourmander will be among the Insatia TFs coming down the line, as in the demon TFs that change depending on players Vice levels, this one being gluttony based

Sorry all the other TFs on the list are just teases for now haha


Hey, I’m trying to progress but I feel like I’m stuck, I can’t do anything at the harbor or the city, I can’t do anything about Amelie’s curse, and I haven’t been able to do anything with the Princess/Royal meeting aside from the initial interaction. I might just be stupid but I would really appreciate some help

Just an FYI, the 0.1.3D release is not up yet on Subscribestar.

Ah shit! You’re right. Thanks for letting me know

I’ve been on the road for a memorial service, I’m coming back Tuesday so I’ll be able to upload it then, I kind of pushed the update in a rush before I left haha

@jimbyneuron sorry friend, pretty much all the quest lines right now are incomplete. Most of the game is just the exploration/sandbox stuff at this time with teases and setup for future content. Slowly but surely it’s coming along. If you ever feel stuck or like you might be missing something that you’re unsure if it’s in the game or not, one can activate debug mode and then at the footer of the passage there will be a link that displays shortcuts to all possible scenes in the game. (Some may not work correctly however if done out of order)


will itch io be updated to v0.1.3c?