Interest check: weight gain centric MUCK

Well, then, some name suggestions, to get the ball rolling with terrible puns:

-Muck It In
-Muck And Cheese
-Muck To Love

I was in on the original attempt to revive Xpandoria, so I’m down for this!

Looks like fun, I’d definitely try it out. It looks good and by the looks of things, could have quite the community. I’ll keep an eye out for the version in development, though I may try out the pony thing considering I am not opposed to pudgy ponies.

This look neat, although I’ll probably wait to join in until some of the mechanics game stuff is in. I’m a fan of stuff with mechanics, most of the RP’s on this site are tabletop RPG’s based around new systems / hacks for existing stuff. But I’m interested in this! Even with very simple mechanics, a multiplayer environment like a MUD seems like it’d be a lot of fun.

Settled on a name with the help of Lazzi. Widening Worlds MUCK. Domain name purchased,, though there’s nothing there yet.

Don’t mind me, just posting here because I’d like to keep an eye on this as it sounds interesting.

Telnet: wideningworlds:420

Things I didn’t find in the wiki:
@charcreate Don’t go Charname Desc or your name will be Charname Desc.
@ccreate is not a shortcut for charcreate… it’s channel create. Oops.

Once you @ic the next step is ‘editplayer’

I started a text-based game that I never really got going. I was an old CircleMUD player and a fan of the eating /weight thing. I got something working but nobody seemed too keen on it. I’d love a partner or helper who could assist with keeping the project alive. Generally, multi-player text based chat. I would gladly give a demo. Email me if interested.