Intro to me, occasional beta tester, Jem Eviter!

Greetings peeps, I’m a novice to intermediate beta tester of primarily RPG maker games, which goes by Jem Eviter. I’m a new user to this site only having found it through an RPG game recommended to me through a Youtube channel. :smiley:

Anyway, I’m a beta tester at heart, and have been testing a couple of games with varying amounts of success, before digging into the meat of the code to try to help offer solutions or suggestions (if possible) to issues I may encounter. I haven’t really dug into actually getting RPG Maker itself yet, but I have cyber-kitted myself into basically understanding how games work from the raw data of .rvdata2 and .json directly by using Notepad++.

I primarily busy myself with RPG maker games as they allow me to methodically play through, jot down, and attempt to suss out issues on a larger scale rather than try to focus down small issues. Beyond that, I do a bit of art on DeviantArt, work at a factory as maintenance guy, and hang out with my friends when I can.

I’m not quite sure what to say beyond that, but I hope you’ll accept me even if I’m not super active. Heh.
~Jem Eviter


Welcome to the community. Sounds like you’ll fit in just fine here! :relaxed:

Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. I’m a bit of a lurker, myself. You’re in good company, so pull up a chair and join in on the discussions, if you feel so inclined. We’re pretty friendly, and happy to talk.

Welcome! Always good to have some one who is interested in testing on board!