Is gore and violence allowed here?

Hi, since i’m new i was wandering, is gore/violence allowed to be posted in a topic about my project? I’m making a game that contains graphical content and wanted to make sure it was ok to post. Also how do you feel about games that include it? Do you think it’s fun? Or that it ruins the game?


I am not interested in gore/violence in video games and I am categorically against this topic being a main one.

I don’t think most people want to see gore-focused content here, but there have been games with some amount of violence (e.g. Skirjasaga) that have been received just fine. Like, don’t show babies getting brutally ripped in half or anything, and you’ll probably avoid offending a majority of the users here. Gore is also probably more tolerable to most when it’s a monster or something getting brutalized rather than a person, like how Doom focuses on chopping up alien demons rather than human bystanders. So, if you’re thinking of a gore fetish game, you’re likely barking up the wrong tree, but if you just need to have satisfying executions to dispatch bad guys, well, people like MK and boomer shooters well enough.

In kink focused games I would say it would be in very poor taste,

the question of Violence in video games is always an interesting one and you have the difference between glorified violence like Doom and mortal kombat and non glorified violence like most PvP shooters, with Ultrakill landing in the middle, and I would argue that the mortal kombat movie actually doesn’t glorify it’s violence since it doesn’t linger on the scenes,

but for Kink based games, I for one won’t play them, my brain, with the context of expansion Kinks bursting is the first one to come to mind which is a hard pass, and most people I know who are into Popping or Vore prefer non lethal, if it is something that happens for story and isn’t focused on or lingered on or is implied to have happened, maybe but it can be a major mood kill, then even if it is non lethal violence/gore it leans into the area of abuse which is also a mood kill,

and yeah you have games like Vale City and Vale City Arcade where characters are fighting each other, but like in most RPG the actual Violence is not depicted, Pokemon would be a different type of game if you saw the aftermath of Razer Leaf, Hyper Beam, or Explode.

I would Highly advise against directly depicting Gore or Violence in games especially kink games

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Yes, gore and violence are okay to have in your game and be posted here. As long as it doesn’t violate US law or our ToS. You can check our FAQ for the site guidelines and ToS.


I would like to see game with gore and violence, for kinks related in this forum they are pretty rare.

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