Is this weird?

Is it weird that I do not feel anything when I see people in pain? I find it hard to understand other people’s emotions. I also don’t feel anything when someone dies. I don’t feel happy very much either. Is this weird?

Basically here’s what I’m like
I feel nothing when someone dies
I feel nothing when people are in pain
I find it hard to understand other people’s emotions
I am not very social
I weird dreams about hurting people
I lie a lot
I don’t feel happy very much
I’m usually flat faced, low self esteem

Though I am pretty nice, I could never bring myself to kill someone. Anyways is something wrong with me? If so, what?

I am a pacifist
I don’t really feel depressed, I have the same feeling you get when you don’t care about things

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MAYBE, but a more common explanation is that you’re overthinking it. I think about punching people all the time, because some people really suck.


Woah are you me WTF this is crazy I’ve been ponding thoughts exactly like that for sooo long

Aside from the fact that this is pretty edgy, it might be depression. Check in with your doctor and talk to them about it.