’s New Charity Bundle.

For those who aren’t aware, has a charity fundraiser going on where you can get like a thousand different things for five bucks.

Among those things is quite a few different assets and tile sets for different dev programs, including RPG maker. So if anyone who makes RPG maker games is looking for tiles that aren’t a part of the default set, now’s the time to get them on the cheap!


Absolute bargain and for a good cause! Even if there’s just one decent game amongst that lot then you’re getting your moneys worth. I’ll probably never get round to trying any of them, but I’ve chipped in my $5. At worst, that’s an afternoon when I have nothing bettter to do trying out dozens of new games :slight_smile:

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Poked through it and found maybe 6 games I’d play, TBH. IMO, it’s not worth the time it would take me to add my payment info to the site.
It’s a great deal, for sure, but definitely not interesting enough to me.

I probably won’t play them too much either, that’s the problem with getting so many pretty good games at once. There’s a lot of crap in the pack to sift through, but even three or four good games for five bucks is good.

For our purposes, I do think the availability of asset packs for RPG maker is very interesting though. Since most of the RPGmaker games this community makes use the default assets, they look exactly the same. This kind of asset availability might lead to a little more visual variety among WG games!