It's Called Weight Gaming, what about actual weight gaining?

Have you done it? On purpose? On accident? Are you a feeder, feedee or both? Do you want a partner to be huge, yourself, or both? How far do you want to go?

Lets talk about it!

also does anyone want to sponsor a gainer? I’m so broke and not NEARLY fat enough…

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I would like to be a feeder, but I respect my girlfriend’s wishes in that she doesn’t want to get any bigger than she is now.

Also, two reasons why I can’t fulfil that request of yours:

  1. I don’t have a job as of right now.
    And B), and this is more important, my girlfriend would kill me if I even thought about it.

Still, hope you get some recognition. I’d recommend Voreacious’ Discord server, of which I do not have permission to send you an invite, but you can find it probably on her Tumblr…


Is that the URL for the blog?? I’m surprised I don’t know about this place already tbh.

seems to be a patreon only server. Kinda defeats the purpose as far as I’m concerned lmao.

Nah, you need to find the link. Unless it was limited reception. I might be able to ask tomorrow about adding you. There are a lot of non patreon users in the Discord.

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They are speaking language of gods.

Jokes aside, i’ll give my answers

  1. No, Male fat doesn’t sit alright with me, i guess. No offense to anyone who likes that stuff, i just find it off-putting
  2. I’m a feeder, 100%.
  3. partner to be huge,
  4. Definitely not too big, like some of the planetary blob art, but very, very big

As for the sponsor stuff, i’d like to, but am broke.

Nah, I find obese people IRL disgusting.
Fat, fine.
Chunky, sure.
Obese, with fat rolls and a difficult time walking short distances? Heck to the no.

I like the idea of stuffing and forcefeeding, though, as long as it’s not too slobby and the feedee takes care of herself as not to gain too much weight, but we all know moderation is a turnoff for most people in that fetish, so it’s awfully rare.

me personally, am trying to gain a bit of weight, but haven’t had much luck. I started at 120 pounds or so, stuck at 130-140 now. My goal is somewhere around 200 or so

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I’m actually practically unable to gain since my metabolism is as fast as the feet of a blue hedgehog, so no, i haven’t gain weight in any way…
I could be some point between feedee and feeder…
About a huge partner or myself in that state: no thanks, i’m ok
I usually keep the limit in chubby, because at some point it loses consistency for me.

Feeder here and yeah I’m super into making/helping/watching my partner gain irl. I only had one actual feedee/feeder relationship though, but that ended because I wasn’t ready for anything serious and long-term. Oh well.

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good luck in your gain! I’ve been trying to gain for a while myself, with. mixed success. I’m up to 270 now, on my way to, and hopefully well past 300! Going to gain until I’m as fat as I comfortably can be. I know how I’d like to look, and I think I can get close, but. We’ll see.

Definitely a feedee here, though I’m pretty fit and not really trying to gain. Although I’ll admit it’s definitely a fantasy of mine to get stuffed and fattened up regardless of what I want so… :stuck_out_tongue: