It's me, Gelly

I used to have an account here before, apparently?

Anyways I’ve started lurking as of late, I’m unlurking because I’ve been toying with making games more often.

also i have a deviantart with a generic name where i post art and sometimes i even keep a schedule!

on that note is there a way for me to change my screen name here? reusing my old email gave me it and my old posts, but i’d rather not have that name when possible, too on the nose (and long)


Welcome back! And a cute DA portfolio as well! :ok_hand:

Perhaps @grotlover2 might be able to help with the account name change.

Welcome back and yes great works here !

Welcome back to the forum.

Welcome back I guess lol. As far as changing your username, just DM myself or any of our @staff to request it and we will try to get you fixed up.