It's me, J....

Welcome everyone! I am Jhalem. I mostly like RPGMaker and interactive fiction. I dislike pornographic games. I am very unlikely to want to do fetish-based roleplay (I do not see why it would be fun) but I would love to have a friend where we roleplay out our friendship.

Why am I here? I just want to be around people who like fatness and weight gain. I also feel like this might be a safe community - I have found just about every website I used to like becoming filled with dangerous people. I would love to play a good game or story featuring fat characters and weight gain combined with romance, but I would prefer if it was not the focus of the game or story.

Also, I am making my own RPGMaker game. I have no idea if it should be posted on this website, but I am planning to and have made a few BBW/BHM/SSBBW/SSBHM-sized characters for the game. I am wondering whether to add weight gain to the main characters (who are not fat except maybe one who I forgot about designing until today) because the game is supposed to be a very serious commercial game, but there will be transformation elements if the player chooses the evil path. I might make transformation elements for the good path and neutral paths, too, but weight gain might just be a side effect of stat-increasing items.

With my game, I probably do not want any help and this is why I am being rather secretive. It is meant to be a very pure game and I am the only person I trust with having pure thoughts. However, if you want a character (basically all of them are supposed to be humans) designed after you, I might be able to fit them into the game. Model photos for character designs might be appreciated, but I know that men can’t take effective selfies.

If you want me to make something for you, that would probably help me get more focused on my own work and I would appreciate that. Music is not something that I can really make yet, but I am working on it. Pixel art is something that I can do, but it takes a lot of time, which means that it better be something worthwhile or small in pixel amount until I am skilled enough to draw quickly. If you want an idea to make your game better that is not catering solely to fetishes, I probably would be good for guiding game and storyline balance.

Welcome to the forums! If your game will have weight game then it will be welcome here i think

Even if it would not be necessary for my game to have weight gain elements, I have finally decided that I want to have the game include weight gain throughout. The game is supposed to run on a time-based system which means that it can be easy to have a weight gain progression used to mix the game up in a fun way. However, I am unsure if I should do it if it ends up taking the majority of my development time because the way that I am considering is very complex.

Basically, most healing items in my game are already food. I think that I should have a [health recovery - (damage output + damage taken)] algorithm that would determine how much weight is gained in a day. However, there would definitely be some methods of healing that should not be counted as weight gain. I really hope this is all possible in RPGMaker 2003 with some plugins because I plan on not using anything else and if it does not work, I will wait until my next game (which would be C++ based) to use the design. On my list of priorities, getting the game out with all of the custom art and thought-out text is significantly above having weight gain features.

Nice to meet you, and I don’t mean to be rude, but you said you could make things for people, like pixel art?

Welcome home! :wink:

It’s good to see someone decided to going the cutesy romance route. So far we don’t have much of that here. Even my own game is basically all fetish-fuel.

Unfortunately, it is not really a romance game, I was just mentioning how it was my preference to play games like that. The game is more like a gorilla warfare situation and the weight gain would just be something to add to the way the game plays. There is some romance, which means that I probably should focus on creating some cute fat-based romance scenes when/if the weight gain features make it into the game. (I already have a scene in the game where the two main characters who are a lesbian couple are implied to be acting sexually.)

The protagonist side of the cast is essentially all-female and the antagonists are essentially all-male, just to give you a bit of an idea as to what type of games I lean towards. Also, the genre could essentially be considered urban fantasy/science fiction/slipstream and it takes place in modern times. Lastly, the main, main character is a struggling anti-hero (heavy on the anti).

Because of the main character’s goals, powers and/or knowledge, the weight gain will be able to happen without slowing down their journey in any way.

Playing a game where weight gain is a very small part might not seem worthwhile, but I will try to deliver on the fanservice as much as I comfortably can. Since I am part of this community, I would probably make a patch or new version of the game focusing on fanservice after releasing the game, if people were interested. Be warned that I am not a writer who does indirect descriptions well. The reason I work with RPGMaker is because it makes those descriptions less necessary. I have an extremely high amount of objects described in the game, but describing a scene in words is going to usually be pretty shallow. I focus more on something like battle sprites and attacks rather than making a scene sexy through description.