Jim's FM 0.99 branch: new engine features, bloated code, and no practical examples



This is, as far as I’m aware, normal behavior for 0.99 from upstream - because the standard organs are hardcoded now, any attempts to edit them fail - they’re compiled with the game executable instead of being interpreted on-the-fly. The organs you’re loading in are the external .organ files, which are slower and may have compatibility issues with existing characters and scripts due to processing differently.

At the moment, editing standard organs generally requires either renaming the organ and telling a character template to load that organ in place of the standard one, or editing the source organ file (in src/fetishmaster/bio/organs/<OrganName>.java, if you’ve downloaded the source code) and recompiling the game.

At some point in the past I had it reversed so that it would look for the scripted .organ file first and fall back to the hardcoded ones only if an external file couldn’t be found, but I reverted it pretty quickly. Not only is it slower, but inevitably someone’s going to drop in organs from an older mod that might have performance issues or work in a manner that’s inconsistent with the newer game direction. Instead I’ve just been focusing on minimizing the need for external organ files - trying to keep compatibility with as many mods as possible while still adding features or trying to balance the code.


Well, that’s unfortunate. Especially since my ability to implement outside edited organs is limited to half-session unstable stuff. I’ll sit down and figure it out more properly some time, but I might just keep messing around on .985 casually.


Update 12/27

  • Small tweaks to how body fat percentage calculations are done
    – Because of how butt and breast fat calcs are done via Maternal-Reads’ code, original fat weight is higher than the adjusted ass/breast weight at larger sizes.
  • Added support for butt fat, lip size, skin tone (all from Maternal-reads’ mod) in templates
    – The former had already been integrated into the engine but not the content; the latter two were just now integrated. Allows existing characters to be used after installing Maternal-Reads’ mod without any appearance issues.
  • Fixed bad logic causing large breast sizes at low weights
    – This was actually fixed a couple days after the last precompiled build but I was too lazy to update again.

Precompiled build link in the first post has also been updated.