Joseph Earnwile III - The Adventure Series


Hi there to those of you who still aren’t annoyed by my constant updates :slight_smile:

AS you may have noticed, development on Caves of sorrow is drawing to a close. AS such I need to make plans for what comes next. First things first: I need to finish up Church or Lust. I can feel myself losing a bit of zing for the world I created, but that is common with me when I come back to something after a while. I need to get my motivation back.

Since that project is moving a bit slowly, I will be working on a few other projects in the background while grinding away at it.

First of all: The Joseph Earnwile series is getting its own theme song. This is completely useless, more or less pointless and absolutely frivolous. And despite all that it is something I have wanted to so since I wrote the very first Joseph Earnwile game! I have comissioned a composer to make it for me using my input, and you will be hearing it in the opening of the games moving forward. You have no choise about this one: this one is all for my own amusement!

The first game I am working on at the moment is Land of Plenty, the sixth game in the series. I have already done quite a bit of research into the aboriginal idea of the dreamtime, and a lot of the next game will be set in the world of the gods of the first people. The general story will be more writer controlled, and a little less sandbox like. There will be a clear main quest, and every other quest will advanced that main one somehow. Weight gain will be centralized to fewer characters overall, but there will be a focus on upping the quality of the descriptions and storytelling a bit, while still keeping that Earnwile charm.

I have also started work on the Devlin side game mentioned in my google forms questionnaire. Two out of three map layers are more or less finished, and ready to be filled with items, characters and story. I have some general ideas in place, and the world and characters are coming along nicely. There will be a general mystery game theme. Find recipes, ingredients and the tools you need to succeed. This game will also be more clearly divided into chapters. As each day ends with Devlin going to sleep, the world changes and a new quest starts, with newthings to find, and new criteria for success. This will also be the first game where my main character also gains some weight. After all: living in the Earnwile manor with all those ancient artifacts around must take a toll on the human body and soul.

As a third little sidenote, a friend from Discord offered me a challenge of making a game in the fantasy genre, where writing was alpha omega, and where art took less time and energy. We have been discussing a few different ideas and projects, and as the overachiever/asshole I am: I ended up mixing a bunch of them together, and making a sci-fi/fantasy story heavy game that does not follow my regular sandboxy approach. Also a bit different: the main character gains weight, the maps are small, descriptions will be a lot more detailed (especially those describing the people and their struggles with their new bodies), you can log in and out of the VR game world whenever you’d like and see how you are doing in the real world, there will be truly personally bad endings for the main character. Also: this game will be a litt further removed from the rest of the Earnwile Mythos, but never completely removed from it.

I think that is the updates for now. If you want to see some of the mentioned maps, or a preview of some of the new writing style for that last game I mentioned, you may want to check out the games’ itch pages. No game there yet, but some screenshots, ideas and small general hints at what to expect will be uploaded as progress is being made: Linktree

Sorry for the long message. I am out of potatoes, and freeze dried mash won’t do.
-WeirdoBeardo89 out!


Finally! Some sort of update for Church of Lust. Those expecting me to have a new character ready for a test drive may be a bit dissapointed, but this is my first step in getting back into this game for myself. It’s been working a treat! I have a lot of my motivation back already :slight_smile:

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Oh, if any of you guys would want to play one of my games on a stream or anything like it. Please contact me :slight_smile: I would be interested to know how something like that could work.

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And watching you play of course :slight_smile:

A first look at what’s to come for this game! Hope you have fun with what is there!

Also: I will put up a bundle for the second trilogy of the series today. If you have already decided you want them all I welcome you to purchase the bundle instead of all three separately. It saves you 50 cents, and actually makes me slightly more as I only pay salestax once. I call that a win/win situation :slight_smile:

It has been a busy week for the wicked. So far in the last seven days I have: worked on and finalized the theme song I will use for my whole game series, finalized Caves of Sorrow and released the 1.0 version of that game, given you guys a first taste of Land of Plenty, updated Curch of Lust properly for the first time since around christmas time and on top of that I found a few hours to help my friend mariahearts from OccultGainingGames out rewriting and finalizing their game too.

A few little thoughts and ideas have been added to the Quest Kit, very silently and in the background, but they are there. And I have been typing up ideas and stories for both The Old Cookbook and Becca’s Fantasy Life. My main focus will still be on the main series, but when an idea strikes I tend to write them down for later before I forget.

Some of you may have noticed some updates on the different games’ itch pages. More to come there. I share when I have something to share.

Happy weekend. I will be taking a short break from writing and coding for a few days, and will be back with something new over the weekend.

-WeirdoBeardo89 out!

There seems to have been a mistake made on my own part leading to a room dissapearing from the final release of caves of Sorrow. The room has been put back in. Please redownload 1.1 before playing if you’ve already downloaded it.

I need your help to decide:

I have a question relating to the current game in development: Church of Lust. I hope you guys can help me out by answering this one question. Your answers will influence my workflow for the next week or so

I want to introduce you all to a new character: Becca, or Rebecca if you prefer.

Also today I will remind people that at the $15 level of my patreon all the currently available games can be claimed to your itch profile :slight_smile:

Hey Weirdobeardo, i am stuck in Caves of Sorrow.

I have the Sail, the bag of something and very fresh beef. waht can i do with this items?

If anyone could give me some guiadence that would be nice :smiley:

Have you fixed the green plate?

If so: look for an altar that needs a need offering plate, and use it and the bag of… something on that altar

Art Competiton!

Alright party people. I will be away the rest of the week and only check in every once in a while. While I am away I want to issue you guys a small challenge. I am going to make some collectible art for my game, that you guys can gather up and hand over to the lovely lady at the louvre for a little extra surprise. I could make the art myself, but what fun is that? So: ART COMPETITON!


  • No limitations on medium or style, as long as the picture is of fat women.
  • ONE image per contestant.
  • Any skill level is allowed, as is AI art.
  • The image needs to be a digital file of 512x512. (I can scale it down if needed, but cropping will occur if the image doesn’t fit the square shape.
  • No depictions of children or animal abuse of any kind will be tolerated.
  • Finished artwork should be sent to me by PM on the Discord. Keep it a surprise to the rest of the community.
  • The nickname/name of the creator will be displayed together with the image in the museum in Church of Lust, and your names will be added to the credits for the game.

What can we win?

1st prize - The maker of my favorite art piece will get the next three games of the Joseph Earnwile III Series (chapters 7-9) and the Quest Kit for free. I will also work with you to make you a character in my game, a struggling artist, whose design, name, personality and dialogue you will get to influence.

2nd prize - My second favorite art piece will receive the next three games in the Joseph Earnwile III Series (chapters 7-9) for free.

3rd prize - The creator of my third favorite art piece will receive two games from my catalogue for free. You can choose whichever ones tickles your fancy the most.

The remaining chosen images will receive one game of their choosing from my catalogue for free.