Just some random ideas for various situations in games, and ideas for an rpg.

Hey all

Just wanted to add some ideas to the idea bank. Plus some thoughts and ideas for a possible game project.

For some time, I have thought up a bunch of ideas for games with character weight and size elements,

The character’s weight could be used for something as game mechanics. Areas that become inaccessible if the character is too big, for example:

  • Corridors
  • Small bridges can’t take the weight.
  • Small constructions could collapse.
  • Element based effects, ice breaks and such.
  • Elevators can’t run; reached weight limit.
  • Door openings are too narrow.
  • Unable to sneak.
  • Harder to navigate, bumping into stuff and create noise
  • Rooms too small.

Bodysize conflicting with the character home if the character has a home.

  • Upgrade/build new door openings or else it will get harder to go through.
  • Upgrade, buy or build new and more sturdy furniture (This could cost more money and/or ressources if this is in a game with crafting system).

Where weight can be used.

  • It could be used as a fetish for a tribe or a group, be admired.
  • In ruins where, suchs as, a very wide throne needs the width and weight to push the sides and the seat of the throne down and out as a combi lever.
  • Weight plates to open something.
  • Traps: Higher weight = bigger chance of activating.
  • Use the extra padding against cold weather/areas.
  • Use unique clothing, clothing that only fits large characters but could give some kind of bonus.
  • Use in trust (For some ingame jobs) and relationship.
  • Destroy stuff (Doors, Lean against thin walls).
  • Float in water, easier or maybe harder to cross rivers and such.
  • Block waterways. This one might be more ideal for platforming games
  • Use as a distraction, for example, When escaping a prison a character could use the bodysize (size = chance of distraction) to distract guards while a npc sneaks by to grab keys.

Idea for a game (a sparetime project).

I have an idea for a RPG-like survival game where I try to use some of these ideas/wishes as this game’s mechanics in the startup. At the moment I haven’t decided if it is going to be a 1st or 3rd person rpg. Or what game engine that suits this type of project. If I start, I’ll start small and simple and work from that. :slight_smile:

It could be a survival game where the player has needs that have to be satisfied in order to survive, like hunger, thirst, and such. This might change based on what works. Should almost have some kind of crafting system.

As a start it’s going to be set in a forest on an island, something small to work with. This can be expanded in the future.

The Character look
The main character is going to be an anthro wolf since it is what I have currently created (Originally I wanted to use my fursona/character as a mod for a game, but that was not possible). Later in the process, should have the possibility to customize the character, body type male (standard) gradually to female or other features in the future.

Character body:
There should be a metabolism system that adapts the character’s body to what you do. If you’re running around and generally do some heavy lifting, the character’s body will become more muscular which could help carry more loot and body weight. If the character sneaks more, being passive or something like that, or just eats a lot the character would start gaining weight. I don’t know if the character should be able to become immobile, it might become boring, but it could be the player’s choice. The weight gain could/should take some time, maybe not an instant thing.

Game world
It could be a fantasy but with modern areas. There could be abandoned factory areas, creepy underground facilities with strange machines and experiments. The dark and creepy areas could have great treasures and ghosts/monsters. There could also be dungeons and nice mansions. Generally areas that are a contrast to each other.

Starter activities
Growing crops, building a shelter, build furniture.

It could be realistic/semi realistic, but the texture style isn’t defined, it depends on what is the easiest thing to do, realistic or stylized. The main character is somewhat “realistic”.

Some other ideas:
Areas to explore, missions, npc’s, towns and more to give the game some gametime.

There could be different enemies. Other anthros both normal and mutated, ghosts, slimes, food golems.

Things the player could do
Maybe finding some work (Baker, fast food chef, or guard). Depends on what works best.


maybe have a party. letting the player fatten both themself and others. but also deciding who. like does the player want to be the tanky character that takes all the attack for their team. then they can be fat and use said fat as a tool. while using the lighter character to get other things done. or the player could be the lighter sneaky type and fatten another character as the tank


That sounds like a really good idea. Then the party can change roles instead it’s always locked.

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something else to bring up. some places should be adapt to high weights. both player bases. since you know the player is living there. and like if I raiding a old shipping dock or something or going the the loading bay in a military base I would expect to find cargo elevators witch could normaly be used for heavy duty weights and thus could handle the player/ party members that where fatten. hell the game could use it as a point of pride if you get so bigg even the multi ton weight limit of a cargo elevator can’t lift you

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Yeah I agree in that. They could be used as an alternative entrance to a facility. They almost has to be more secured since they usually lead the player closer to the goal, whenever its loot or an enemy.

An example where you have party members: The cargo elevators down into the facility is locked, the normal elevator do work, but only for a few times before the fuse is worn out. Then you have to choose between members.

how will bases be done? is it like a set location/s the player can claim and build and how would you build it. a set upgrade system or something more free design?

One way to do it for an open world game, is to have free build where the player places the wall and floor sections as they see fit. The building blocks, such as floor and wall sections, could then be upgraded to a stronger type to better withstand damage and weight. E.g. If the player lives in a house placed above ground, the player would fall through the floor when the floor tile is broken after too much weight.

As for the location of the base building, it should be free of choice, if it fits in the game. Else it could be a locked area so it doesn’t interfere with missions or other things.

The more locked version could be a predefined lot to build on. Or predefined houses/apartments where you upgrade a room, and then have options for what should be upgraded in the room.

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oh I had gone more with the claim Dungeons as bases thought my self. but yeah that makes sense. good luck with the game

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Is it fine to just dump further ideas here, that would be nice to have in an open world fatty game?

I think a good way to circumvent the idea of having enemies that feed you being a “bad” thing when we all actually want that could be circumvented by creating an establishment, or character that is not malicious, but by their nature causes weight gain when they interact with you.


  • An inn, that has really big meals and costs extra to leave leftovers.
  • A love interest that follows you and wants to cook for you, because they care for you. You can refuse, but they will be sad.
  • Health potions, with the calories of a whole cow.
  • Weather, that increases hunger and/or digestion
  • A food that does not stop being digested, staying in your stomach. This gives advantages, but if you miss leg day, the legs will be bigger the next day if you know what I mean.
  • A helper fairy, that occasionally collects food. You can choose not to eat it all, but your inventory space is limited and the next shop is a long way away.
  • Blessings, that give gameplay advantages but “worsen” your metabolism, priming it for the inevidable.

With an open world aspect, building upon a minecraft clone may work. It would at least lessen that part of the burden of developing. I think there are a few open source minecraft-like things. A static map with every ressource in a row would be fine too though. While it is nice, I dont think we are here for that GOTY open world gameplay and seeing the other stuff work first may be better.

If you remember boundless, it was an open-world mostly text based weight gain game, that near the end had systems like foraging, camb building and stuff like that. I think the concept is a great grab-bag of ideas. It had plants and liquids that could be collected or interacted with, dungeons with mutating and somewhat fattening radiation, a system where immobility can be circumvented in various ways…
If there is another open world game, that game contains a great list of stuff that I would consider required.


It’s completely fine to post ideas here.

The ideas are really good :slight_smile:

Just a random thought about the permanent food, this could be used before traveling long distances or when prioritizing inventory space for loot.