Kobolds Gold


Been around for a while, never saying a thing, only made an account hoping to give back to the community. I’m planning to make my first game and attempt in RPG maker about a kobold who gains power from a greedy patreon in exchange for gold sacrifices.

The method would be eating and storing the gold in the belly and upon casting or using the power on the world it would take away a certain amount each time. Over time as the game goes on capacity increase would be possible and new spells of course.

The goal of the game is to rebuild the once lost tribe of theirs, which would mean new party member and minions as special powers. For example, a couple of kobolds hauling gold on a plate to fill up their leader with it, in the time of need.

The Idea:

  • Kobold becomes the personal purse of a higher being.
  • Back and forth inflation due to the method of getting access to power.
  • Enchanting allies with different growths as buffs.

Since this is really my first game. I have a ton of questions about what is possible in RPG maker. Needless to say, I’m already looking at guides and tutorials about the program, but after I heard about the extensions, addons… yeah. I have a feeling I have no idea how deep this rabbit hole can go.

But never the less, thanks for taking your time and reading. Feel free to ask about this project, or share your opinion as many details are not shared above to keep it short. Who knows maybe there is already a game like this out there. ^-^/

"July 2. 2021 - Minor Idea update

In my free time, I’ve been studying the videos I got and the tutorials I found and I do believe some neat additions would be possible. If somebody who is well versed in RPG maker could give me a heads up about this, that would be more than welcomed. I think you can understand it is not my intention to build a game on a bad foundation. ^-^"

The Idea:

  • Eating magical items, that reduces the capacity, but adds magical effects to the character. Which would lead to permanent weight gain.
  • Using skills on the overworld as interactions.
  • Status effects based on the weight that would modify interactions when skill used on the overworld.

Most of these ideas could be summarized in a simple example, being true to the kobold culture, sneakiness is key to survival, but when one carries a chest worth of gold in their tummy… that does make stealing harder. chink-chink-chink

Eating magical items would help in battle but would make some actions difficult later on. In a wear it or bear it kinda way. And that is all for now. So far I managed to make a dummy project where I collect what I learnt. I might turn it into a tutorial, later on, to show the mechanics,


Sadly, I’m new here as well, so I can’t give any dev advice, much less an artist’s ideas, as I’m budding in that field myself. I’m somewhat good at writing; not very, but I’ve some skill in it. Could probably suggest ideas here and there, edit, proofread, whatever.

If that isn’t of interest, then just have a happy little waiting future player interested in your idea~.

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That is most kind of you. And as my first language is not English, I can’t say no to such a help. ^-^
But aside from the conversations and narative, I’m planning to do the ‘don’t tell if you can show’ kinda storytelling, instead of going into details and piling adjectives I would rather have multiple sprites for the game.


are good places to start for the basics/advanced bits of RPG maker.


I also prefer sprites to most descriptions! I won’t say no to either (can’t really be picky sometimes) but if you don’t find someone else to help with the writing, I’d be happy to help when the time comes!

Thank you kindly. After the skill share ones I will watch them too. ^-^

sadly I don’t know how to help, but I just wanted to say that I think that this is an amazing idea I’d love to see this through

Hey, fellow newbie rpgmaker-user here! Currently dying in my own pit of ambition…

RPGmaker is both A Lot, and Nothing. Which is to say you can make it do A Lot of things, up until you want something specific and seemingly obvious, at which point there’s no way to do it vanilla.

I will say that I have gotten enormous usage out of the following plugin, though it’s only for MV:

It basically lets you easily access actors–i.e., party members-- by storing them as variables, which allows you to call them up in events via conditionals, or the like.

Amazing, and I thought something like this was already in as I saw many RPG maker games using such menus. Thanks for the tip and good luck with your project.

Don’t worry about it, Glad you like the general idea of this project. ^-^

I made a little idea update part on the original post, but I don’t know how to efficently tell it about to those who are keen about this project.
I hope I don’t mess it up >.<

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You mentioned that the kobold in question (acting as a personal purse of a higher being) would have minions that would bring platters of gold to fill up their leader. Are they going to be stationary in the tribe and you have an additional group of kobolds go out and collect magical items and gold (balancing supplies for both battle and the tribe with the amount of gold you bring back)? Or are they going to be actively going out themselves?

What I’m asking is - is this purse going to be the player’s main character, or an npc that the pc has to keep indulged in order to appease their higher being?

Also, have you thought about the worldbuilding around this particular village yet? Will it be mountainous, deserty, a forest, etc.? What counts as normal in the surrounding societies (mixed? or humans vs demihumans?)? Just throwing out some ideas.

Now as for you update, I can understand the first bulletin, but the second and third ones, while I understand them, what exactly will this purse-kobold be doing to the world? Is their goal to fix a broken world? Or are they shaping it to fit their tribe’s standards?

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This is an interesting idea of making the ‘purse’ more a fixed position character. Maybe if this game ever reaches a second installation that will be the focus. As for now, the main character will be bearing the weight and he will be the one mostly running around with others to rebuild their tribe. And part of the game mechanic will be around balancing the risk of being full of gold or being able to keep a low profile. After all, it is much harder to hide in a duster if one of the kobold is as big as a wine barrel.

As for building a village, so far I don’t dare to dream big and it likely be a get x to fix x and maybe get some benefit from such repair, while you are also getting the tribe back together population-wise.

As for locations, I do plan to have multiple biomes as I was quite fond of the Overload games where you had multiple types of minions and quite tempted to make kobold varients that you can meet and recruit during your journey.

The bulletin. I hope knowing now that the main character will be the ‘pay gold from belly to get power’ piggy bank clears them up a bit. And the usage of skill on the overworld / maps / characters likely will be situational, or to unlock bonus contents or treasures / collectables.

The main goal of course will be the ‘and they lived happily ever after’ finally in peace. The plot of the story might be better if I keep it more closely to myself, after all, it will be quite an adventure for such a tiny reptile, we don’t want to spook him just yet. ^w^


You could go for a pikmin dynamic mixed with fat princess
Or at least this hound thinks so

Thanks for the idea, but this is my first attempt at making a game and I kinda have a feeling that way above my head to pull it off. ^-^"

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where one cannot succeed bring in someone you can trust to do so or to teach you
no one is an island though ultimately it is your choice, after all who says there mist be one iteration of a story
alice in wonderland has been reiterated time and time again alongside other tales, so can others or so this hound hopes