Lanna's Adventures



ignore me. I just looked up and saw what happened.


Amazing game! This and Edypos are my absolute favorites.
Having said that, I’m dumb and bad at games. Can we get a side mission/secrets/easter egg checklist/walkthrough going?

I.E. Scarlet feeding Lanna the apples.
The Farmer and then the aftermath of the 3 girls (the breast gem for 1, but what about the others)?
Someone mentioned a bee quiz but I’ve no idea about that one.

Don’t mean to be pushy I just really love your style and want to enjoy the game to the fullest!


Thank you much for the kind words :3

Game’s been on hold for a bit. I was working on a shorter holiday game(that also didnt get finished in time). But I can save the holiday game for next year and resume work on the normal game. I’m glad you enjoy it lol

As for a walkthrough, I could possibly do one up. Or if someone else want’s to do one they can as well. The Breast Gem side quest is finishable, but also bugged I believe.


Yeah, its bugged. When I did it I managed to complete it when I only had one of the gems. Also, brilliant game I can’t wait for more.

Do you plan to do anything else with the mom, because I loved the scene where she gains weight from the tree.


And now I’m diving in again because I forgot all about the syrup tree lol


I just got the girls back in shape and reported to the queen. Can someone please tell me what to do next?


I think you have to go to the tower behind the throne room.


ok,thank you so much


More is gonna be planned for Rebecca, yes lol