Last call!!!

If you made a game and would like me to make a video to show on youtube let me know. I am doing a weight gain video marathon this Thursday so let me know. for those of you are wondering what video so far will be shown on that day hear is the list so far Seeds Of Destiny, Dojo Crawle, Valentine at Shibo Mansion, ClubFeedee- A Feede Caberet, Thick Space Training, Food Therapy, Chub lands, Pump Till You Pop, Fantastic-Fetus, Lucy and the Fattening Formula, Feeding Lily, Sqwark Demon parteron games, Feeding Sasha, A HUGE HALLOWS EVE 3, ONIKUNOSATO, Kobold Kommandos, GoGo diet, The Pill, All of Impossible snail patreon games, DUNGEON SNACKER, Angry Susan,Debbie Diver, Rachel’s Watermelon Party, Yokai-Slam, few of Lusty patreon games, Rachel’s Balloon Ride,Underwater Adventure, Feeding Lila, All you can eat, and SoftFoxxo’s


Oh cool! What’s your channel called?

Belly Expansion city

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Play Witch of Gluttony, spread the Goblin waifu cult.

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Every time someone mentions doing lets plays of lewd games, I keep wanting to say “hey, do mine, do mine!” but my game is 99.9% text, so it wouldn’t really be worth it.

unless you were able to throw some art into your game that way it would make your story somewhat more entertaining to make a video about but don’t get me wrong I did play it any enjoyed your story though plus I did make one video on a weight gain novel it had some photos but not many so it will be interesting what people will haft to say about that.

ah those two I have seen I look into them thanks

I’d love to, but my game is nowhere near completion, and barely has anything but start of one of the routes. Not much to show

Yo, uh… How about plasma belt?

well that was fun 57 videos latter