Let's Play/Showcase video section?

I believe the site can benefit from a thread for all videos made featuring games with origins on this site.
I believe that it would be good for newcomers and seasoned users alike as it would give an insight into gameplay of some games that could sometimes feature no screenshots or even gameplay already up and running.
Furthermore it could potentially be good for feedback towards the projects and games featured in any future videos posted on the thread as well as give publicity for the games showcased in videos.
Let me know what you guys think of this idea.


Creating new categories is above my “pay-grade”; that’s something for @admins to discuss. I can see benefits and issues. I suspect not all games are “visual” enough to appeal as a let’s play video, so they’d probably never appear in such a category. If users think the category is all the games WG has to offer then these will get marginalized.

I do appreciate let’s play for the kind of games I just suck at (platformers). And I appreciate the work you put into the 2020 Gain Jam entries. I’ve watched several.

I do have one suggestion though, for both yourself, @SquirrelGirlDGT, and anyone else making let’s plays: reach out to developers and ask them to link to your videos in the OP (rather than way down a long discussion) and have the video link back to the thread here and/or game download site (I know you already do this). It’s a win-win thing, especially for those that, as you say, have no screenshots.

Sorry it took me so long to get back to this. We had some discussions about this internally and we came to decision that the forums may not be the best fit unfortunately. A few valid concerns over how it could pollute the feed and if it would really fit with what the main focus of the forums is where brought up that made us realize it is really not the best fit for doing that.

That being said we did come to a pseudo compromise though. We are considering adding a dedicated channel to the discord for videos and lets plays of fetish related games as we feel that would be a more appropriate place for such content. We are still discussing this on and off so its not set in stone though yet.

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