Let's plays - weight gain edition

As an individual who Let’s plays WG related games on occasion I would like to ask you guys if let’s players of WG games have influence or swing in how you see a game that they are playing.
I ask since I’ve had folks recently expressing thanks for playing the famous Juni’s Appetite and Salem’s Appitite by Cakehoarder and Feeding Lilly by Daysdays. This got me wondering how many of you folks have gone out to either play or download these games to enjoy for yourselves? :smile:


I’ve been swayed once or twice to check something out just because another person put it in a good light. Juni’s and Salem’s are good examples. I probably wouldn’t have looked into it unless someone gave me a good look.

I think a lot of people on this site, including myself, just download the game and play it firsthand. I can’t really talk for others but that’s the vibe I’m getting.

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Stumbling across a video of Juni’s Appetite, is how I even FOUND this site. XD

I’ve been looking for weight gain games since I was in the middle grades (we only had a composite school in my hometown), and I came across weight gaming when I typed these words into google: “female weight gain games”.

But yeah, I almost always try the games firsthand rather then look for a review. The one exception is if I feel a link might be suspect, then I’ll usually wait for some positive reviews before trying or downloading it for myself.


SquirrelGirlDGT is the only fat gamer ik whose also posting said let’s plays

axxis gaming, snide & sniff and Team F also play the games :slight_smile:

I tend to download and try out any game posted here myself - it would be rude not to! I think the only exceptions are platformers, as I just stink at playing any platformer, WG content or not.

I’m not really into Let’s Play videos on the whole. I’ll occasionally watch visual novel ones, as it’s much easier to listen to someone narrate it rather than have to click through it myself; more so if it isn’t free to play. Failing that it’s for main stream games; the ends of Mass Effect 3 to get the disappointment over before I go to the end of the game. Bits of the Witcher 3 as our console got stolen just I was reaching the end (I will return to that game).

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For me, if it involves female weight gain I’ll jump on it ASAP, because boy oh boy do I just go through these games like a knife through hot butter. I don’t really wait for a let’s play, as I prefer playing games myself.

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Usually, I don’t tend to play WG games unless they get put under my radar, which, believe it or not, this forum does fairly well.
I know I’m talking crazy talk, but bear with me for a second.
Most of the WG/BBW related games I have played I’ve found on this site. The reason I found this site was Tainted Elysium. The reason I made an account here was Tainted Elysium. Which, y’know, ain’t really around anymore, but I still am. And I’m still finding a lot of quality content around here, so no reason for me to leave.

Now, in regards to someone’s recommendation making me more eager to play a game or not… it’s a bit hard to explain. When someone recommends something to me, if they manage to sell me on it, it enters “my radar”, point at which I go look for it. If what I see or read about the project seems interesting, I go into it. Otherwise, I pass. If the project is real interesting, I tend to leave feedback on top of everything.
Three paragraphs of it, but it is what it is. I have a penchant for wordy bullshit.