LF a GM and a player for a short campaign

I’d like to play a one shot (or small series of sessions) in the following setting and am looking for a GM who enjoys improvising world and NPC building and a player who would enjoy to play a dominant muscular warrior princess with lesbian feeder tendencies.

Setting: In a fantasy world based on nordic and african mythology a small nordic kingdom needs to negotiate peace with a much more powerful southern tribe and sends their princess (player character 1). The ruling family of the powerful southern adversary is known for their necessary gluttony as they are unusually inefficient at absorbing calories.

The princess is a seasoned combat sorceress with a powerhouse of a body, which is a good thing regarding how much food there will be to eat out of courtesy. To prepare for the feasts she has stuffed herself recently and despite your very fast metabolism you eavesdrop your lithe handmaid (played by me) making fun of your weight gain. Your vanity and feeder tendencies command you to teach her a lesson, so…

a) You make me your taste tester against poison for the journey, so despite being shorter and my much slower metabolism I have to eat the same amounts or more of everything to keep you safe

b) You order me to train for the feasts as well and get stuffed by the other servants until I’m ready to eat big portions.

c) You use a secret weight gain magic to lower my already slow metabolism further or even curse it in certain ways to increase my weight gain (speedy digestion, multiplied gain).

d) You use a spell from the secret tome to transfer any further weight gains onto me

e) You make me wear a gift necklace with a golden pear amulet, that will exaggerate my body shape and gives me magical leg strength as I gain weight, but also makes it almost impossible to withstand offered food.

or f) any combination of it, based on how fat you want your feedee project to get

That choice would be between you and the GM. The GM can freely flesh out the royal family, world and society that hosts our stay and decide how hard it will be for the princess and her servant to stay in shape.

Though I’d prefer the princess given the chance to stay fit or get even leaner than ever in contrast to her feedee’s massive bottomheavy gaining.

We play in chat via discord, find the right time and can choose a ruleset together or even use no specific rules at all…

If you want to join as GM or the warrior princess, leave me a note…

Hi, just skim-read this and I’m really confused why you need a GM for this? What you’re describing sounds like a normal rp request, I’m not sure exactly what purpose the GM would have here outside of world-building which you could easily do with your rp partner (and sounds like you have already started to do).

Is there any kind of game systems you would want to be implemented into the rp?
Are you asking to play in a campaign beyond just some light-hearted revenge fattening?

I’d enjoy a GM to bring extra ideas and the element of surprise. Obviously the gm would play all NPC. Sure works without, but more fun with. Three people sounds like the perfect number of people here. Two characters and a bunch of NPC.

You have some extra plot twists? Want to gm?

That said, if no GM is found I’m game to rp without one, of course - but then we should choose a game system like ednd or whatever you’d like to give a try…