LF Campaign to Join, Not Picky

Hello, oh beauteous website. I usually never tend to post actual topics on here, I consider myself more of a casual observer, but I must make a confession - I had played an expansive and kinky D&D adventure roughly for three months at the end of last year, and frankly, I’ve grown an insatiable taste for it that’s yet to be treated.

As far as what I’m looking for, I would prefer to join a group and DM who’s potentially willing to run or even is already running something long-term and fatfur-friendly in the line of Red Deer Studio’s works or other similarly expansive titles, but I’m also really not picky. As long as expansion is involved, I’m liable to consider, even if there’s other kinks at play.

Admittedly, I usually prefer playing a certain character who’s best geared for fantasy settings, but I can easily adapt her or even create a new character if prompted. I just need to experience this type of D&D again with a solid DM, and I’ve been longing for it ever-so-dreadfully. Thank you for your time!

I don’t know much about D&D stuff, but I’ve been working on a new game on AI Dungeon. It’s more of a weight gain focused game. And a futuristic/cyber-punk kind of setting more-so than fantasy, as it is set in the year 2046. But I’m including witches and succubi and some instances of magic such as well.
And it can be played mulitplayer! I will make a post for it when it’s finished.

I have my own Sci-Fi setting quite friendly to WG. Expansion is a ‘meh…’ but could be accommodated.

Rather light of actual ‘furry’ content, but if scales be something that tickle your fancy I have that.

Hit me up on Discord: Tungston Mountain#3132

You may want to look up Shadowrun for either setting and/or rules inspiration. It’s an old RPG game about as old as Cyberpunk. The basic premise is that Magic and various fantasy races return to Earth at the very end of the 20th century. Thus you have a Cyberpunk-style of world, alongside of elves, dwarves, trolls, magic , demons, and even extradimensional entities.

There’s also several PC Shadowrun RPG games that are pretty good. Dragonfall (the 2nd one) is probably the best, but all of them were enjoyable.