Look for interesting visual novel games with an interesting story

Hello guys, how are you I wanted to ask you about the best visual novel games for you. For me, my favorite game from this category is Fattening Career


Hmm I am not familiar with fattening career but another good one is the weighting game.


I know this game. It is a very famous game. I think it is the most popular game on the site. Your choice is excellent, my friend. I hope if you can try a game that I also suggested, I think you will like it. One of its best advantages is that it is a game that is constantly updating because of its developer, and you can also go to its patron if you like the content. Another thing that I like about this game is also updates for the game. You do not need to be a patron in order to play it. All you have to do is wait a few months. And you find a game in front of you, and these are my reasons why I liked the game. I will not talk about content in the game in order not to spoil the fun for you if you want to try it

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Both those games are great. I also like Thicker Treat - it has a really fancy art style and some good story. D.I.E.T. is also worth it because its stories are written by polarisdreamer - one of the best weight gain story writers out there.

Project Quimbly is also interesting, but they just lost their programming team and are reconfiguring their game mechanics and art style…

If you have nothing against furries, try and look into WorshippersoftheGain.

I would give an honorable mention to Comfy Companion and The Breakfast Chub.
These are shorter games but also worth playing over and over and over again. Pun intended.