Looking for a certain game

There was a game posted here, I don’t remember what engine it was on, but you played as a woman who started her own restaurant and you had I think 3 or 4 regular customers. It was pretty short, not finished, and it ended with checking up on one of your regulars because you hadn’t seen her in a while. I know that the dev deleted it because they weren’t proud of it, but it was a really good story for how short it was and the art was pretty good too. I just want to find it again so I can replay it. Does anyone know what it was called? It may have also been submitted for a gain jam, I’m not sure though.

Edit: I believe I found where it had been. I think it was a game called The Swell Grill by Cynuver, but the post has since been removed so I can’t verify it. Oh well.

Edit 2: This is the link, or, old link to The Swell Grill, which I found off the 7/19 gain jam winners post. https://forum.weightgaming.com/t/the-swell-grill-cynuvers-solo-submission/5430