Looking for a coder/server host to set up a custom pokemon showdown server

Hey all!

I’m looking for a coder/server host to set up a pokemon showdown server with custom mons from my fan-made fetish region, the Glutga region. I (and some fans of the region) have made about 50 sprites, some of which I may remove or redo, all of which can be viewed here:

Custom moves and abilities do not need to be implemented if it’s too difficult, although obviously doing so is preferred. If additional info is needed I plan to keep in active touch throughout the process.

I’m willing to pay if needed, but can’t afford much. We can discuss that over DMs. Regardless of payment, I’ll draw almost any idea you have for the game upon request.

Looking forwards to hearing from you! lmk if you’re interested in this thread, I’ll send you my discord through DMs.


I can DEFINITELY at least take a look at this


love the idea but if implemented judging by some of the abilities of Pokemon how’re U gonna balance them?

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Heavy stat changes. since there’s so few mons, I’d try to balance them around a single tier to the best of my ability. Also, a decent chunk would be balanced as is, seeing as the stuff with really broken abilities like sableye have PU stats or some drawback (both in his case, 8x weakness to ground and 380 bst)

Which mons are you worried about?


Honestly actually looking into the base stats of the Pokémon They don’t seem all to op lol while yeah the abilities are op there base stats always kinda balance that out. good job hehe

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