Looking for a DA story & what was a story you liked but now can't find?

Okay so i’ve been trying to find an very old DA story i read a real long while back but i haven’t been able to find it, the things i do recall and i might botch up some of the details slightly here it was about a married wife who has an affair with there husbands sister due to her starting to gain weight.

Last time i read she was up to about 600lbs, there MC did have kids i think was most likely a son and a daughter… maybe 2 daughters?.. (Who was also starting to gain weight as well).

The last thing i recall from this story was the daughter had starter to eat more carelessly after been tempted after a shopping trip as well as one of the main key points of the story is when the MC got caught by the husband in a spa and he immediately wanted a divorce, with the aunt left alone with the son to which they had a small chat that ended up with her giving the son romantic tips and advise.

Sorry if this isn’t much at all despite is being key points of the story in my mind but i really like this wg story quite a bit but it does bring a question, has anyone else found a story they liked and couldn’t find again?


Well one story I recall that I can’t find anymore as it might be from over ten years ago, it was a story with a private investigator and his assistant who dealt with paranormal or odd things. so this story was dealing with parallel universe where another version of a character would show up in the world of this story. But the writer used a parallel universe law of that no two same beings can exist in the same universe, and as such the universe would try to correct it and the writer used that as the reason why characters would combine with their parallel selves and would combine weight into a fatter version, that was the plot.

The story followed the P.I’s female assistant as she was running into her parallel universe version and would get fatter each time as each new version of her was just as fat as she currently was. I can’t recall the name I think it was shadows something or the username had shadow in their name


One I recall was a first person story from a somewhat unwilling feedee’s perspective, with a fair bit of mind break.

Initially, our narrator was totally onboard with this plan, enjoying eating what she wanted, when she wanted, and just generally lazing around. After she lost her job, her boyfriend or husband (can’t remember which) convinced her to become a stay at home wife and gainer.

She took to her new life with gusto, typically having a cartload of prepared food to finish over the course of the day, and receiving (generally fattening or gratifying) rewards for doing so. She winds up addicted to overeating, gaining weight, and getting rewarded for doing so. Even as her weight begins to get out of control and she begins to worry she’s getting too big, her s.o. is there to encourage her to keep going, keep eating, keep growing fatter. She’s not too big, not too helpless, not a burden at all.

Combined with her weakened willpower and now all-consuming appetite, this proves more than enough to keep her on the couch or in front of her computer, eating more then ever, growing fatter by the hour.

Of course, as our protagonist keeps growing, she’s beginning to really feel each additional pound, and her mobility and general capabilities are really beginning to suffer. She’s weighing herself with her s.o.'s help, and he assures her that she’s finally plateaued, but she has some significant doubts otherwise. However, she’s helpless to resist both her s.o.'s prodding, and her own bottomless greed. If there’s food, she HAS to eat it, and if there isn’t any food, she HAS to get more. She has, in effect, been reprogrammed into an eating, gaining machine.

Finally, she hits the point of no return. She puts in a herculean effort to rise under her own power, even destroying her throne in the process, but is unable to shift her blubbery bulk. Her s.o. manages to get her to her feet, and she slowly, painfully, glacially waddles to an enormous bed that’s been set up for her. As she carefully lowers herself to her new perch with considerable help from him, our protagonist feels a shudder run down her spine as she realizes that she’s now completely helpless and immobile.

And yet, despite her inner trembling and the shift in her s.o.'s playful teasing to a harsher, more dominant tone, she feels a familiar rumbling in her belly as he asks her what she thinks she should do.

She replies nervously, “O-order pizza?”

He smiles. “Good girl.”

Obviously, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and the author did have some fetishes that I don’t share, but I was able to look past its flaws and find something enjoyable in this somewhat darker piece.

I’ve also concluded that I cannot do anything in short form.

There’s one I vaguely remember from years back (circa 2012-2014 maybe?) that’s been on my mind lately. It was a Furry fic, with multiple chapters and was actually finished by the time I found it. Main character was a (possibly homeless) dog girl that was a thief. She was extremely skinny and would get misgendered by the cops chasing her because of it. While escaping down a back alley she stumbles into a mad scientist rabbits house where she ends up becoming her plaything.

It got into some extreme sizes but with no health issues, MC was really obsessed with having bigger tits since she’s totally flat at the start. I distinctly remember the first chapter because someone did art of the MC in that part which is how I found the story and remember the opening. There may have been some body swapping at the end? Wish I had more details.

Do you know what website this was on? That summary got me interested.

Less so can’t find, more so I think it was deleted, actually.

Main character wanted to get a game, made a deal with some sort of devil that he can get any game he wanted, but he gains 5 pounds for every game gotten this way. Needless to say, very out of hand, very fast.

I really liked the story. Shame it got deleted :<