Looking for a group to join for DND with weight gain elements


My name is Cat and I am looking to join a group for either Roll20 or Discord based ExpanD&D (or just custom rules for 5e to include fetish/kink stuff). I am somewhat new to the game in terms of experience, but I have made character sheets before, played a few one-shot games and am willing to learn as I go. You won’t have any issues with me IC or OOC, I’m more of a passive individual who just wants to enjoy gaming and playful kink stuff~

If anyone has a small group or server that either meets regularly or just hosts many one shots, I’d love to play! I also enjoy roleplaying in general, but having mechanics to go along with it can help keep things interesting.

So, I can’t promise you a game since we don’t have many DMs, but I have a link here to a Discord server where we have ExpanD&D games running. And hopefully, there could be a new game opening soon.

The games are actually run on Roll20, we just use the server as the lobby for communication when a game’s not happening. We are quite noob-friendly, or at least, we try to be. We are almost entirely text-only, and we have yet to make an exception to that.