Looking for a server (or just someone to vibe with)

hey so, I’m looking for some more big fatties servers. i’m already a part of fayane’s funhouse but it’s currently down and i like to have more than just one server i can play on. it could also just be somebody (with discord, don’t use steam for starbound) that wants to vibe instead of a full on server

just reply to the post if you have a server or want to vibe, i’ll send my discord in dms after probs if it’s just vibing not a full ass server

if you don’t have a server you can just reply and we can just vibe 1 on 1 with starbound’s discord server system (you can join anyone just by looking at their status)
honestly 1 on 1 would be better than a server haha

yall. my discord is sour patch kid#8649 just friend me at this point

Hey, if you manage to find one or something tell me pls, I wanna V I B E

if you have discord, don’t have to have a real server
honestly at this point im leaning towards the self-hosted thing with 1 or 2 other people (self hosted as in ill run the server when im playing, via starbound itself, like terraria servers)

seems good to me, I mean I’ve been trying to look out for a server to play doesn’t matter if its one person or many more, how do I send you my discord?

Hi, I would enjoy playing too if you’ll have me cx

yeah sure, just dm me your discord or whatever

Can I add you too, man?

damn people are really responding, i might just put my discord in the post haha

my disc is sour patch kid#8649

Id love to play to but I have no idea what mods are included, I haven’t played in a long while :x

we’ve resorted to playing on Fayane’s Funhouse, which requires Big Fatties and that’s it

done, i’m using alex time#3242 (i have 3 accounts so)

Dont know if this is still active but i’d love to play with you!

Closed at OPs request

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