Looking for a Writer

Greetings, everyone!

I’m currently looking for a writer to help with writing a story set in a fantasy world for a text adventure. A simple premise is currently set in stone, but I am willing to implement most changes to fit the team’s tastes.

As of right now, the premise is the following: After having sacrificed yourself for the sake of your allies during a crucial battle, you’re woken up in purgatory by a strange woman who claims that your comrades will bring forth a worse fate to the world should they be allowed to continue their task of eradicating the supposed evil. Claiming interest in witnessing your competence, the Deviless offers you the chance at a new life in a new body, one less physically and magically apt than the last, and prompts you to attempt changing that divined fate.

Though certain parts will likely have to be scaled back, its gameplay will primarily revolve around your character influencing the state of affairs and other characters through social interactions, adventuring, engaging in politics, and garnering economic power; likewise, such will affect your character in kind — physically, mentally, and so on.

If you’re interested in seeing the project’s development or providing assistance, feel free to join the Discord server.