Looking for a Writing.Com extraction tool

Somewhere on this site I found a link or tool that could extract chunks of stories from Writing.com. I used it once for one of their stories a few months ago (Curse of the Lipomancer). I found a new Story series I wanted to check out, but I can’t find the link for that utility again.

Anybody happen to have the link for it, or at least remember which thread it was in here?

I don’t, but I hope you find it. Because I might like to use it, too.

I can’t remember for sure if one came up in these forums or not, but I do know for sure there is one in this BBW-Chan thread.


I’d be very interested in a writing.com extraction tool as well. There are a few interactive adventures I like on there, although using the site itself has become very frustrating in recent years. They’re not fooling anyone by deliberately slowing down their site, even for registered users.

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