Looking for an old game...

It was a game hosted on textadventures and was about a farm where you could feed people and have them do roles at night to level up, like cooking or gardening etc. Ever since WeightGaming got rebooted I’ve never been able to find it since! If anyone knows about it and let me know it would be much appreciated!

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Was it The Fat House?

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I think I played this before, forgot the basics though. Anyone mind telling me how to succeed?

Some quick thoughts on how to get going with this game:

  • Explore the mansion and locate the computer terminal and pens. You should have one subject already in the first pen (they start in the sw, and run clockwise).
  • Set the first subject to work in the brothel - as that’s the only real option to bring in cash at the start of the game. You’ll burn through a good chunk of your starting funds before you start to break even.
  • The subjects Statistics will give you a clue as to where they are best to work as the game progresses and how best to socialise with them to keep their happiness up.
  • Use the End Week “item” in your inventory to advance time. You will get a summary of what has happened.
  • As you progress you can use the Pen Management option to buy stims to accelerate growth and better maintain fitness (generally needed).
  • Once you’ve got some surplus cash you can invest in more subjects - they are offered one at a time and change each week. You can also buy more pens as needed.
  • Keep an eye on the subjects happiness and mobility, after that it becomes a case of managing income and expenditure really.

Late reply, but this was it!! Thank you!