Looking for an old Quest game

As it says on the tin, I’ve been trying to find an old Quest game for a while, but pouring through the archives hasn’t turned it up. In it, your character is a High Priestess who basically has to choose between supporting the corrupt establishment, or taking a stand against them. And, as befits weight gaming, she piles on more then a few pounds.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember its title to save my soul, which hasn’t helped me in my search at all. Any and all help is appreciated.

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I remember that, it’s not the whole game but it’s part of jerkajerk’s Fantastic Dungeon Extender.


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Great game, but unfortunately, that’s not it. To be honest, I don’t recall a priestess in the game, though it has been quite awhile since I played it.

The one I’m thinking of predates Fantastic Dungeon Extender. The game starts with the PC, an already fairly rotund High Priestess, getting ready for a meeting with the Lord or Lords of the Realm. Her junior, a plump priestess, advocates keeping her temper.

Calling it a game is perhaps overstating it a little, because there’s really only one choice that effects the ending. In the one path, you side with the corrupt government officials, and in the other, you form a small and prosperous realm outside of theirs.

I cannot for the life of me really recall exactly how the Bad ending went, but I remember the good one. The junior priestess has swelled past the size you were at the start of the game. Hearing you awake, she rises from her chair, needing to push on the desk to heave her mass up. She moves over to the bed the PC is spread across, having piled on a massive amount of weight in the time since she angrily stormed out of the court. There are other priests and priestesses present, all in varying stages of obesity, though none anywhere near as large as the High Priestess.

With the help of a full score of attendants, the PC (barely) manages to rise and make her way to the balcony to address an audience of believers, to be followed shortly thereafter by another feast.

I can’t remember how long ago I found it, I’m afraid. I’m tempted to think it was back on the old site, back when I was posting under the name “hedkrakka,” but if that’s the case, it might be perpetually lost info. Searching on both Google and textadventures has been rather frustrating. I had hoped that maybe it was on DeviantArt, but if it was, I couldn’t find it.

Of course, it doesn’t help that the moment you type the word “Quest” into any search engine, you get literally thousands of results that have nothing to do with what you’re looking for.

Thanks you very much anyway, Hal. I’ll continue my search a bit later, but first, I’ll think I’ll revisit the Dungeon.

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That’s definitely fantastic dungeon extender. There’s a segment where the goddess at a shrine puts you in the shoes of a priestess and that exact scenario plays out, happens towards the end of the game under the right circumstances.

(Also you’re the same heddrakka on writing.com? Love your stuff there. :slight_smile: )

I am, actually. I’m glad you enjoy them.

Now I really need to get FDEfAA working again. Shame my comp hates Quest with a passion. It’s rare that I can get through an entire game without a crash.

Preach. I stopped working with Quest because I got sick of how unstable it was.

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Two attempts, and froze both times.

*le sigh

While we’re on the topic of FDEfAA, does anyone know the passwords? I figure here’s as good a place to ask as any, seeing as the original game topic seems to have been voided from the old site.

I remember SAUNA was one to get, as the name implies, in the sauna. Not sure about the others. Game kept freezing before I could get any further.

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Are you downloading the game before playing it or are you playing it online?

I have to play it online. I downloaded the Quest software, but it refuses to run any games. It keeps giving me missing file errors, despite the fact that I’ve installed the aforementioned files.

I think Quest might be evil.