Looking For Character/Concept Artists

Me and another user on here are working on a game that we intend to submit for this year’s Gain Jam (9/2021 for those reading in the future). Hell, we’re thinking of making this regardless of whether or not this fits in with this year’s theme. Right now, we already have a decent amount of the playable systems in place.

At the moment, we just need some character art of a Demon Girl at different sizes and levels of girth. Since this game is in Unity3D, both 2D and 3D Artists will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!!! :slight_smile:

TL;DR - Need Character/Concept Artists to Draw Demon Girl. Bonus Points if You’re a 3D Modeler

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You arn’t supposed to start working until the jam starts though.


Shit, my mistake. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll scrap what I have so far (or at least save it for a future non-jam project) and think of something else.

I’m sorry to the other team member for ruining the plan for the jam.

We expect people to try and make things before the jam - like art assets for example. You can do more work. We can’t stop you.

But it’s a gamble, because what if your game doesn’t match with the theme? Then you’ll only have benefited from the coding/art practice.


Thanks for the clarification. I hope me and my associate (lack of better terms I guess) have a good entry for the Jam and that at the very least I can give back to the site for many a boring night :slight_smile:

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I know it’s not exactly what you need, but I made a waddle animation for Unity. I can supply you with both the run and walk waddles. I can draw textures onto a model, they won’t look great, but they can be edited by a more skilled artist. Meet me on Discord BeanMChocolate#8989 if you would like to talk to me. I can show you the waddling animation in action in ChilloutVR. VR is not required to play.

This sounds amazing tbh!

I’m going to leave for work in a bit, so I’ll definitely add you when I’m done. I also let my teammate know about this reply (it’s his idea/baby after all, so I can’t exactly make any executive decisions haha)