Looking for group (I am an Artist and I have some knowledge of Game Coding)

Hey, I was hoping to try and join in for this game jam and work with a group. I’m an artist who’s done both full rendered work and sprites, here are some examples of my work:


Note: For the final image all I did was make the Bowser Peach sprite, and remade the UI Icons from scratch as they weren’t available online.

Aside from this, I have some experience with working in Unity and Game Maker, and know a little bit of game programming for those two programs. Hit me up if you’re interested.


Me and another guy are a small team with a premise already and we would love to have your talents on board. To be frank, this is some amazing art. The fact that you’re also talented in Unity is also an amazing boon.

My current role in my team is as a Unity3D Developer, and the other guy is a sound/music guy. I’d love to have you on our team and discuss this Gain Jam.

To reiterate, this is some amazing art and any team would be lucky to have you. I hope that team is mine :wink:

hello, I am ‘other guy’. We also have a VA for the game, all we need is an artist, would be glad to have you onboard

your art is gorgeous!!!

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