Looking for new games

Looking for some Weight Gain games (None text adventure) with mass weight gain
Or vore

Well you’re in the right place for 'em. Plenty of projects currently being actively worked on here, as well as a whole assorted chocolate box of games from the three previous game jams to pick over- about 60+ games!

If after all that you’re still after something new then a little patience will be rewarded with some of the upcoming games coming down the pipeline.

More specifically, the curated projects may be your best bet. SFOAS costs a few (real!) dollars, but it’s worth it, in my opinion. Depends on whether or not you like the characters. You might want to look into that before actually jumping in.


Well there are some weight gain with vore less I know, like The big fat vore rpg, and super fatty rpg. I mostly that it, I’m not great with recommend but keeps that in mind these games might be buggy so try not mess around with it.