Looking for scripters

Basically as the title says. I’m making a WG game sidescroller and I need some scripters to help as this is some of the first games I’ve made. I have the assets and everything, I just need a scripter

heres the current sizes as shown in the trelloimage


If you are looking for some programmers to help you you may want to try to provide some more information if you can. If you can peek some ones interest in the concept you will be much more likely to have some one volunteer to help you


Here’s the concept

“the trick to the game is to eat as little bamboo as possible until you’vve found the highest point you can get to on the level and brought rocks down from there onto the lower levers. THEN you start eating out the lower levels while making sure you still have enough rocks with you to not trap yourself, then you make way to the end scale after eating everything”

And here’s the trello if that’s allowed. I’m very dedicated to this project, I don’t plan on just ditching it Trello


Do you have a more direct means of contact like a discord or email? Somewhere you’re more easily reached.

You can contact me here and I’ll privately message you my email or such