Looking for some of the best weight gain games

Sorry to ask but I was wondering if someone could show me song of the best weight gain games. I’ve played a few. The main ones I like are text adventures or a rpg. Mainly looking for female because I’m a lesbian. Also what’s a good site that has a lot of games like that on it?

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Super Fatty RPG is pretty good content wise but has a mix of male and female fats.

For some text adventures I suggest the 3rd Circle as it features a female angel gaining (of your choice), both Ann’s Wedding and Becky’s Binge, Master of Flesh, and there was a Thanksgiving one made by someone called Jerkajerk.

Also there is a new text adventure that seems to be going strong through development is Sarah Goes to College, that currently features several females gaining weight.

Also all of them are from the text adventures co.uk site, so pray your computer can handle it.


Downloading the games and running them through Quest5 is definitely the way to play these games. Disconnecting from their site mid-game is almost as infuriating as waiting for writing.com to get off their wallet before reading a new chapter haha