Looking for the "best Dating sims"

Anyone know any good “Dating Sims?” Im looking to find the best ones and so i can get some ideas for my newst project

Some of my recommendations are a mix of actual dating sims, and VNs that have romance elements.

Katawa Shoujo is a pretty good VN, though it will make you feel things, and I don’t mean arousal. The VN is about a school for the physically disabled and it centers around the struggles the girls face and how they deal with and work around their disabilities. Our protag specifically deals with heart arrhythmia. It’s not extremely fanservice-y beyond a few H scenes, but it’s sad yet touching. It’s completely free too, so there’s that.

Buuuut if you were looking for something with a lot more fanservice on the opposite end of the spectrum there’s always HuniePop. It’s much much lighter on story, but much heavier on the dating aspect. You give them gifts, food, drinks, and talk to them to earn points. Then to woo them you take them on a date…simulated through a puzzle game.

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