Looking to modify/create my own game

I’ve had this game (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y1hBn1j1rJ0PVa9k4ffYmdwCT64aSQeH/view?usp=sharing) on my pc for a while and have forgotten where it came from. I searched online for it but can’t find it anywhere. I wanted to edit the sprites of the game, but if it isn’t possible I was probably just going to make my own game, maybe a platformer, who knows. If I could use this game as a guide and mod it, I’d be willing to finish it/make my own game out of it. If anyone knows how I can edit it, or who made it, that’d be great.

I also don’t have a tablet, does anyone know what I could use to create the sprites with a mouse? I don’t mind using it, just wondering if there’s anything that can help me draw with a mouse.

I’ll put whatever I make up for download when I finish if anyone’s interested. Looking to change the character’s body types to have one that’s more chest heavy and one that’s more bottom heavy, just so people who enjoy that kind of stuff will like those specific characters.

I have no idea how you would go about editing it, but I do have something to contribute! Here’s a link to the creator.

Thanks! Couldn’t find it on furaffinity when I searched, probably because it’s named differently on the site than in the file.

I remember this, it’s a pretty nice little platformer proof of concept. it doesn’t have many weight stages, but they were pretty well done.

as far as I can tell, it’s made in Unreal, so you’d need to figure out decompiling that to start. from there, there are plenty of spriting applications you could use. there are other art programs too, like paint.net, but I don’t know how the sprites are in the game files to begin with, so I couldn’t tell you.

Don’t bother modding it. It was made in Unreal using the Blueprint node based scripting system, but you could certainly make something like that in just about any engine, and then you could have full access to the source.

Oh, as for ways to make art assets without a tablet…

For a clean style I suggest sketching on paper, scanning, and then cleaning it up using a vector tracing program. This will also give you something which is possible to modify for different sizes/builds.

For the easier route consider a pixel art style. A mouse is fine for that.