Lords Of Lard (ALPHA)


!!! IMPORTANT: The first time you enter the game, close it and open it again (The first time the game doesn’t allow to save your progress, you will have to close and open it again, so it will allow you to save and load with no problems anymore).

DISCORD SERVER: (For the download links and more!)


  • When you update the game very likely your previous saved data will be corrupted, you may need to start a new game. (You can always wait for the final version as this is still an alpha version)

Looks pretty interesting. For those into male fats, I’m sure it’ll be a blast, but alas my tastes are strictly centered around women, but I wish you the best :+1:


Nicely drawn, but I’m with Skinny guy, if there’s gonna be a fat princess and/or queen, maybe some fat female peasants(Or, of course, a female player knight), THEN you’ll have my attention! XD
But, good luck regardless! ^o^


Actually I’m totally ok to add females as playable characters, if someone is up to draw the sprites I’m able to add them to the game :slightly_smiling_face:


Just want to say awesome work! Love the whole concept of this gassy knight. The demo was fun and, at parts, a challanging romp (that one with the rising posion water was a a tough one if your try to platform if rather then just fart your way up)!
Keen to see where this goes!

Wouldn’t mind providing some art if you are looking, do you have a reference for how you are doing the files for it? like canvas size for the spirites and frame count for the walk cycles?


Glad you are liking it!
Well, we could get in contact in some way, I could send you a template with the height and width that the player can’t surpass, the walking animation I did was very simple for save time, I only used 2 frames but feel free to add more in each animation if you want.

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Neat I think you can pm on here somewhere.

Cool, mainly wasn’t sure if there was a frame limit or anything you were working with. :relaxed:

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It’s less PM, and more a personal thread managed through your messages(I think), and you can even invite other people into the discussion, it’s kinda cool.

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how do you get passed the 3rd level and how do you pause

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With the third level do you mean the first boss? there is still no pause option, but in future updates it will

I’m still working on the next update, it should be finished soon


Second update is out now!


Third update of the game is out now! Join the discord server for the download links and more! https://discord.gg/zFrq3YC


Name of the game changed form “Super Overstuffed Kingdom” to “Lords of Lard”


Are there any females yet, or is it still all male(haven’t really tried it yet to find out.:sweat_smile:)?

All males so far. Someone would probably have to draw the sprites still.

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Not yet, maybe in a future if someone is up for draw her sprites

The new update is out now, there is no final boss battle yet in this version, there might be some bugs or crashes in game, and I would appreciate if you report those issues to me

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