Love is the Way to My Heart (Interactive Fiction using Twine 2.0)

This is a realistic weight-gain game where the protagonist (you) starts off with dating a chubby girl and through your choices she can gain or lose weight. The point of this game is to bring to light the romantic side of weight-gain and being in a relationship with a BBW, and the game will play out in such a manner to reflect that based on the choices you as a player make.

Planned for this interactive fiction:

  • 14 unique women with their own personalities, look, likes, etc.

  • Credit system and work cycle

  • Weight gain and weight loss system based off the Harris-Bennidict modified formula

  • Day/week/year time cycle. 1 in-game year is equal to 52 in-game days. Seasons and holidays also included, featuring bonus paths and passages on those special days.

  • Life events and special events like birthdays, buying houses, moving in together, festivals, and more!

  • Multiple choices per each passage, allowing for each playthrough to be thoroughly unique each time you play

  • Achievements! Varying from simple ones to more secretive ones

  • Rewarding system for treating her well and with respect

  • Realism. Things like weight-related health problems, mobility, and quality-of-life will be in this game. Each woman will also react in a realistic manner based on your choices.

  • Romance and love. This game focuses on the romantic side of being in a relationship with a BBW

I have a team working with me via Discord, but I could always use more people! If you are interested in joining me and my ensemble of helpers with creating the largest weight-gain-themed IF game known to man contact me at and I will talk to you directly.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!


Just to ask: when/where would you be intending on releasing?

This concept sounds good enough on its own merit that even the most barebones demo would likely be quite entertaining.

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I will release demos here, and depending on critique I will develop a dedicated website for all to visit.

I know, but I just want to make sure that when I post a demo it is fully working and it is something that I am proud of, you know what I mean? I don’t want to put out something that I am not proud to say “I made this.” I guess that is the engineer in me.


You would be surprised at what you can do with the right amount of encouragement and time. :slight_smile: I am willing to bring you on board regardless, if you wanted to join.


Yeah, man! Send me an email and I will hook you up.

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so how do you mean realistic weight gain? like get her to fat and she has health problems or more like weight gain is not immediate

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Realistic in both aspects. It will be a slower weight gain and yes, there will be the health aspect as well.


If there’s a preview available, I’d love to check it out. It sounds like a very worthwhile experience!


There isn’t one yet, but hopefully someday soon there will be.

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Im am greatly looking forward to this project! Take as much time as you see fit, so long as the project is not abandoned my patience will not waver! Good luck!


Sounds intruiging! Hope it goes well :slight_smile:


sounds great hope it goes well


There will be hopefully within the next few months, depending on how much help I get. If you’d like to join me with helping out it would speed up the process. :slight_smile:

I’d love to bring you on board, if you are willing. And yes, the game is available to those who help.

I really appreciate comments like this! It keeps me motivated and wanting to go on.

If you would like to give a try at writing some story elements with me and the others send me an email. I’d love to have more people on board!

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Thank you for the great opportunity however, I must decline. I do not have the drive right now to write quality stories. I do have enough in me to give my best feedback on any progress made by you and your team. I have no doubt in my mind his project will be an interesting one so I wish you the best and remind you I am here to give you feedback. Thank you it means a lot - UDaddy


Not sure how helpful I’d be, but if I can contribute, I’d love to. I’m a bit uncertain when it comes to my writing skills, but it’s up to you if you want me to join in. I’m all for it.

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Send me an email. I can give specifics there.

I’ve reconsidered, but thanks…I’m not all that confident, and I doubt that I could easily contribute to a large project.

I love the idea! I do have to ask, would those who join the team be compesated monetarily or is this a volunteer passion project?

For right now it is a volunteer project. I started it with the intent on having it free-to-play because I believe a game like this should be enjoyed by everyone.

However, I do have a credits page in the opening that lists every individual who has helped, no matter how small a part they played, and if things go over very well with this game I plan on making more. I have the intent to create a website dedicated to my works (with credit to all who help, of course) for everyone to enjoy.

I’m not strict with my helpers, because I understand that personal lives come before this project, but I am getting help and the project is now above 54,000 words and 230 passages.

I would love to bring you on board if you are willing. I assign small segments at a time for each of my writers to complete to aid me.