Love is the Way to My Heart

Good morning (or afternoon) all!

I’m What Zit Tooya, the recently appointed project manager, and I’ll be serving as the interim project lead this winter when MOOK takes some time off for his family. Things have been a little bumpy this week during the the handover, and some of us have still been busy following Memorial Day, but I’m proud to say that we’re back on track and things are running smoothly once more!

That being said, we’re interested in needing new editors, as well as a new head of editing. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Hope you all have a great week; we’ve also got plenty of interesting ideas taking shape behind the scenes, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: Head of Editing has been filled since posting this on Discord. :slight_smile:


Hello fans of LITWTMH! We have several pieces of exciting and important news to share with you today. To start, we’ve decided that we as a development team will be operating under a new name: +Side Studios! Besides keeping our brand consistent across our new multiple social media accounts, we will also be using this name to launch any future games we release once development on LITWTMH is completed. As for our next announcement, in addition to opening our social media accounts, we’re also launching a Patreon to fund our development journey!

Now, you’re probably wondering, “I thought your game was gonna be free!” Don’t worry, it will be, as will our future projects! However, all of our members are volunteers working for free, and we feel they deserve to be compensated for our work. Our team members will each take a percentage (MODOK has turned down his share), and costs will also go toward things like hiring outside professionals (for additional artwork, sound design, etc.), taking care of things like store hosting fees, and even giving back to the community through sharing some of our art and by donating a portion of our Patreon to the forum itself! We hope you all understand what we’re trying to accomplish with it, and just a few dollars can make a world of difference.

Here’s all our requisite links: Twitter:
DeviantArt: PlusSideStudios | DeviantArt
WeightGaming: Love is the Way to My Heart (WIP)
Patreon: +Side Studios is creating plus-size dating simulators | Patreon


Good morning! We hope you all are doing well!

The game progresses at a good pace; we are now coding in the restaurant scene, and after that we are going to polish up the scenes, debug, and by August 30th we will be releasing a full demo! Granted that we have the man power to do so! We still could use some writers, editors, coders, and a PR manager. If any of these positions sound interesting please ping us in #project-help-channel. The PR manager will be souly responsible for managing the social media sites.

There isn’t much else to report on, so God bless and take care!


Hey, everyone! Quick update: I posted all our social media site links in the description of the topic. Feel free to check us out! Keep in mind we are still setting up some of the sites to be regularly updated, but Patreon, Discord, Reddit, and Twitter is up and running smoothly. :slight_smile:



There’s no use in beating around the bush: we need help.

The project has seen many come and go, and as of lately a few have left, leaving the burden on my shoulders to pick up the slack. I can barely do what I am doing now in life plus the project, so throwing more into my lap isn’t helping any. Yeah, I know, they’re my problems, not yours, but I am asking for dedicated individuals to apply and join our team. We need the aid to get this demo finished in time! Must be dedicated to the project, though; we can’t have any more false promises and broken dreams. We’ve had to delay the demo once before, and I didn’t like doing that, but I cannot help it if we don’t get the help we so desperately need.

I hope you all have a great day, and I personally appreciate all the support we get, especially from our Patrons. If you find that you can help out and are willing to stick with us until the end please go to #project-help-channel in the Discord and ping me.

God bless!

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Good morning, everyone!

I am happy to say that things are moving along quickly! If you had forgotten let me remind you that a working chapter-one demo will be available for Patrons on August 23rd, and open to the public on August 30th, granted we retain the team members we have. It would be great to have more join our team, so please don’t hesitate to ask about a position in #project-help-channel (Discord)! You do not need to know Twine to be a writer or an editor.

As of now – again, if all goes well – we will have Miranda, Abigail, Tina, and possibly Nicole in the demo. We lost our writer for Nicole so unless someone steps up she will not be in the demo. There is a possibility of Janine being in the demo as well.

Overall I thank you all for your continued support, and we especially thank our Patrons who have been keeping the team alive.


Good morning, everyone!

Things are still progressing as intended. This week will have my focus on finishing Miranda’s documents (yep, this crazy fool decided to write for one of the 14 on top of everything else), and coding. Lots to do and little time to do it, but I have faith in the team.

Outside of that, today my wife and I find out the gender of our baby! It is quite exciting.

As always check out #project-help-channel (Discord) for open positions! We are in urgent need of editors.

God bless!


We at +Side Studios will be posting 2 items for our patrons to see ($3+ tiers) every Sunday and Thursday. This can range from artwork for the game, to developer diaries, to just snippets extracted from the game as teasers for what is to come.

We are also in urgent need of a head of writing position. Our last guy went MIA.

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Good morning!

My, what an exciting week, both good and bad.

To start, let’s get the bad out of the way so that we can finish this announcement with good news.

The bad news is we lost a few more team members. 2 have gone MIA and we are unsure where they are. This means I have a lot more slack to pick up.

The good news is we are moving right along on the coding and writing! The demo -should- have music and ambiance in it, but time will tell. We are in need of writers, though, very urgent need of them. Please be sure to check us out and if you are interested seek us out in #project-help-channel within our Discord!

Last note I was to touch on is our Patreon. My word, we already have 10 patrons. You guys don’t understand how much that means to us, and especially what it means to me. To know you guys believe in this project so much that you are willing to dedicate a monthly subscription is absolutely amazing. Thank you all, Patrons and supporters alike.

We hope you all have a great week! God bless!


If you’re struggling to meet your schedule then, unless it’s already written and coded in, I wouldn’t bother with in-game music. No matter how good it is, most will either switch it off entirely or just play their own preference of background music.


Well that sucks to hear hahahah but I appreciate it. I am more focused on getting the demo out without music. I hope your game is going well, too!


Good evening! Not very often do I make Sunday announcements!

The game goes well. The restaurant scene is coded and ready to have the writer’s work implemented. Speaking of coding, I am assuming master coder again and will be working tirelessly on the game. Not only is the end of August the release of the demo (23rd for Patreon users, 30th for public), but it also marks the time my wife quits her job to become acquainted with being a stay-at-home mom. We both agreed on this decision as we want our child to grow up knowing mommy and daddy rather than a daycare worker.

Coders needed. Must be familiar with HTML, Javascript, and it is preferable that you know Twine’s Harlowe 3.0 format, but not required. It is fairly simple to pick up on if you already have a coding background.

I wish you all the best! God bless!


I didn’t mean drop the music for good. Just leave it until you have more time :slight_smile: Nobody will complain if your demo doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the finished game.

Progress on my game is going fairly well, thanks. A little slowly of late due to circumstances beyond my control, but getting there :slight_smile:


Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

The game is coming along nicely. Coding is the main beast to tame right now and even that is going very well! I’m certain everyone will enjoy this demo, even if it is “small”. There may not be much to do in the demo, at least on the surface level it will seem that way, but with its release we hope to gain more team members to help out and contribute to the project.

The demo will feature weight gain, 3 date routes, a full day cycle, all the variables such as self-esteem, intimacy, credits, etc., and will have Miranda, Tina, and Samantha as love interests.

We look forward to the release and hope you all do as well. God bless!


After this demo, Patrons will be allowed access to all current versions, while 2 versions prior will be available to the public. I forgot to mention that. Also, I’m thinking on having the game only released on the Discord to better maintain and control what is available to the public.

Good morning!

It feels like this past week was especially long; perhaps it is just me.

Anyway, I am growing more and more excited to release the demo as we near the 23rd (Patrons only)! August 31st is public release. I have been hard at work with coding and the other members are working hard on their delegated tasks.

For helping out on the project we are still looking for writers so apply in #project-help-channel!

Thank you to all our Patrons and to all who have been supporting us. God bless!


I don’t normally do this, but we are in dire need of writers. A few backed out last minute and now we are struggling to finish some segments for the demo. We have 10 days from now to get this done, so I need the utmost speed and quality from anyone willing to be a writer on the team.

We need a writer for Miranda, Tina, and Abigail IMMEDIATELY! Please, if you can dedicate time to this project reach out. You will be trained immediately and expected to start working same day. We need these documents finished. We need help. I need help.


Good morning, everyone!

ONE WEEK! One more week before the first official demo is out for playing! I’m very excited yet quite nervous. I’m sure I speak for the team when i say we hope you enjoy it.

Only a few paths will be available (restaurant date, movie date, lunch date) and the game will feel quite small, but understand that a lot of time, energy, and planning went into making a working demo. We are all busting our butts to keep this project moving and we truly hope you all can see and appreciate that.

After this demo, every 6-8 months we will release a new beta with more content (shooting for 2+ more paths/date options + special content and possibly more love interest stories implemented). That may seem like a long time between releases, but understand the size of this project and that, most of us, are doing it for passion. The Patreon is for members who want to be compensated, plus to pay for artwork and other extras like music and sound effects.

Remember, Patrons get the demo on the 23rd, while the public demo will be released on the 30th.

God bless!


Today is the day for Patrons! The 1st official release of a demo!

I’m very excited and nervous about this. It has been a long-time coming, but we are finally here. We made it.

Patrons get the demo for one week before public release on the 30th, after that, however, Patrons will have exclusive rights to the latest version while last version will be released to the public. When are new versions going to be released? Well, planning ahead, we are thinking 6-8 months between versions, and each version will vary from added characters to added content to whole chapters being added. The current demo being released will have the following:

  • tutorial date
  • working menu system
  • working variables such as weight, self-esteem, intimacy, etc.
  • theater date path
  • restaurant date path
  • work day cycle with bonus of taking her out to lunch
  • working store (though, I don’t recommend you buy anything from the store yet! The items will serve no purpose for this demo)
  • 3 love interests to choose from
  • a major plot point that you will have to play to figure out

The demo will be released on our Patreon at 8pm EST and will be available to all Patrons.

On behalf of everyone who has put in their effort into this game, we hope you enjoy and see the potential.


I forgot to mention that all public releases will be exclusively on our Discord server until the game is completed. At that point I might release it to WGF. Who knows what the future holds?

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