Lyra's Gaining Experience

Uh so i made a thing. This is my first ever game with like a fetish theme. Basically me experimenting with rpgmaker and kisekae to throw together some junk and make a functional weight gain system. There is no actual overworld visuals because i have no clue how to make sprites with bellies.
I just wanted some feedback on this 2 minute game lol. Just comment any issues found and i’ll do my best to rectify it.

Download Link


There’s no executable to launch the game, just the .rpgproject file. There’s also save files included in this presumably from you testing it.

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ah crap sorry about that
must’ve uploaded the project itself lol
i’ll fix it

So far so good. Hope there’ll be more to this game eventually

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nah i doubt it. It was just a test experience to see how far i could take a weight gain system. I’m working on a far longer game with the same characters at the moment. but thanks for your feedback.

There may be a demo for this new game tho. Once I have a decent amount of it done